Facebook implements augmented reality and improves content censorship

Mark Zuckerberg is keen to increase new features in different applications such as the new states of WhatsApp and the stories of Instagram, recently stated in a conference, that is having new plans for the company Facebook.

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He said in his speech that they are focusing on building a community on Facebook, uniting users in different parts of the world through technology. This is Facebook Spaces, where you can go out with your friends to walk inside a virtual reality.This tool uses completely complex technology which manages to take users to a space in third dimension, where you will have the ability to interact with your Facebook friends.

Friends that are connected in Facebook Spaces can be added by entering all a virtual reality space, where you will be able to interact in different scenarios like in a park, landscapes, shopping centers among others.

They have also announced an augmented reality; Augmented reality is when you combine physical elements combined with virtual elements, generating what has already been said augmented reality .This will be available in different applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

This idea is that instead of using a lens to be able to visualize virtual reality would use the camera of some electronic device where it will be possible to assume virtual objects, such as in real life.

In the future it will be possible to use this technology so that people can use their cell phones to interact with virtual games as a centerpiece.The augmented reality is very similar to the one used by Snapchat offering users the possibility that people change their faces using some filters in real time.

Censorship of content on Facebook

A few days ago an inconvenience happened on Facebook, it was a man who videotaped a murder he had committed.Mark Zuckerberg points out that the company is working to make this kind of inconvenience not happen again.

This crime only remained public for 3 hours on Facebook, after which it was eliminated by the platform.According to research conducted this man was depressed because his girlfriend had left, so he decided to commit such murder.

In the video this man appears saying “she is the reason this is going to happen to you” and after saying those words proceeded to murder his victim

This crime has formed controversies regarding the difficulty of censoring content on social networks.Facebook has had to deal with this situation, they admit that this type of content is not allowed on Facebook and they have worked very hard to maintain a clean and safe environment, so that when a user enters this social network does not encounter similar content To that

Facebook is dedicated to keeping new innovations such as virtual reality technology for Facebook and augmented reality for its different applications that will be available in the future. It also tries to do everything possible so that users are always in a clean and safe environment.

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