How to incorporate the geometric trend into your home

No matter what home décor you choose, it is guaranteed to have shapes. Every decorative object has a specific shape, and you can find many shapes in any given room of your house.

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The right geometric decor placed with thought in an otherwise drab room brings together the space and helps make yours one of the most beautiful houses on the block!

The geometric trend in home decor has also been seen in other outlets, such as clothing design and even wedding themes.

Let a geometric pattern help a small space

Many people who are new to DIY remodeling take on re-doing smaller rooms first using tips from sites like A quick way to spruce up a small space is with an eye-catching decor piece.

If you are looking to add a geometric design or pattern to a smaller room like an office or bathroom, choose a piece for the floor or wall or even smaller accents like throw pillows or a photo frame on a desk. Just having one piece with a geometric design in the smaller room can actually make the space look a lot bigger as the straight edges of the shape push out against the straight walls of the room and give the illusion of more space.

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Mix and match in bigger spaces

It is said that there can never be too much of a good thing, but in the case of geometric décor, it is possible to overload a space. Too many patterns in any given space can cause uneasiness in your guests and make the room seem too busy or full.

Nevertheless, if you are remodeling and decorating a larger room or a more open space like a living room, master bedroom or even an outdoor space, adding a few pieces of geometric decor will really tie the room together. Just don’t place them right next to each other!

Keep in mind that you do not have to stick with the same materials for all your items. A wooden chair can have a great geometric pattern made of strips of fabric or leather to add even more dimension to the piece and the room.

Bringing the geometric trend to your home is sure to wow your future house guests!

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