Exciting Solar Innovations That Are Coming Soon

The industry has made progress since the inception of silicon based solar cells. However there are advancements to look forward to in the coming years. Solar power is becoming lighter, more flexible and finding new applications.

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Just imagine being able to charge your vehicle using energy generated from the sun while you’re on the road or utilising fabric integrated into your clothing to power your phone. Additionally, envision using noise barriers that generate electricity while reducing highway noise and pollution simultaneously. These are a few examples of the innovations in solar technology that we can anticipate. To get your home involved, consider Solar Panel Installers Weston from a company like redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-weston

Solar Powered Cars

It’s widely known that transportation is a contributor to harmful emissions. Nevertheless companies are working diligently to change this narrative by introducing cars that run entirely on clean energy. Some electric vehicles boast a design like something out of a superhero movie rather than your typical sedan. With increasing popularity and accessibility of vehicles, it is highly probable that other manufacturers will follow suit with solar powered models in the future.

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Integration of Solar Technology into Buildings

Engineers continue their efforts to enhance flexibility and aesthetics in technology, for building integration purposes. GAF Energy has created shingles that seamlessly integrate with roofs and other architectural features. These innovative shingles function like asphalt roofing. Additionally Sistine Solar, a startup from MIT is producing skins that enable homeowners to personalise the look of their rooftop panels without compromising efficiency or performance.

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