Completely erase all traces of your social networks

This miracle is entirely possible thanks to the powerful application , which allows complement remove all our data on social platforms more known so far.


We must always take into account that the image we project of ourselves on the internet is a great concern that almost everyone pursues us. In fact, rather careful and somewhat formal profiles can even help us find work. But on the other hand, the absence of networks or accounts of dubious taste (so to speak) can sadly bury our aspirations.

Now for this reason, the process of deleting old and shameful accounts in social networks should be fairly easy and even painless so to speak, but unfortunately not always so. In fact, more than once, erasing our profile from a social network or closing an account for sheer convenience becomes something of an ordeal. For to end all this pain, has emerged the portal

The same for the moment is only a prototype, but fortunately, this new service seems to have found the way to completely eliminate our internet trail. Although the tool is still a little more polished, this page offers the great possibility of deleting all our accounts in social networks, even in forums and some other type of pages.

Although somewhat hard to believe, all this happens without paperwork or great efforts. It is more in a few clicks our digital content will have died completely

To enter the service miraculous, we must use our own Google . Once inside, this website will search all the portals or social networks in which we have an account or open profile. Then it will put them in a row and it would be a question of the same user to click on “delete” or not.

We must take into account, that at the moment is not one hundred percent accurate, but it is a very good start to monitor our accounts throughout the internet.

This tool promises a lot and is also committed to save us many headaches by wanting to delete our data from the internet and from social networks.

The same is an Ace under the sleeve when removing something embarrassing from the internet or some account with which there was some inconvenience at some point

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