Energy for our pets!

Do you know the energy care for our pets? This is another way of relieving our companions’ ills. This kind of technique is not yet well known but exists.


Energy-saving techniques raise many questions as to their effectiveness. Believe it or not, here is a little explanation that will help you better understand this type of practice.

Our pets are a full-fledged family member and therefore have an important place in our homes. When we adopt a pet, we ensure their well being and give him love what.

Unfortunately, some illnesses and illnesses also affect our companions and we have to face even the most complicated situations. Adopting an animal is a commitment to take care of it and to be present to relieve and assist in all events.

Complementary to animal medicine

When a health problem occurs in animals, the first instinct is to take him to the vet who will practice the necessary care and take out appropriate treatment. However, these treatments are not always sufficient to put the animal back on its feet. After an operation or a heavy treatment, your companion may encounter some behavioral problems or suffer from certain ailments difficult to detect thus placing the family in an uncomfortable, painful and sometimes difficult to live.

Fortunately for our companions, today, as for the general human medicine, there are also alternatives for our four-legged animals. It is possible today to adopt our animals some homeopathic treatments, to use the well-made flowers of bach, osteopathy, animal communication or energy treatments.

Energy Care

Energy care is still a controversial technique in both humans and animals.

There are two ways to practice energy healing: either the energy company uses its own energy to reduce evil and capture, this is what we call in this case a hypnotist or the energy company will channel his hands The universal energy, known as Reiki, to circulate healing energy. Each energy provider has its own way of operating and can sometimes make a mix of both techniques.

In all cases, the energy company will work on the different chakras and subtle levels of the animal and allow energy re balancing as a whole. This non-intrusive method is gentle and mostly painless and kindness to animals.

Energy care can have different benefits for the animal, such as relieving pain, assisting recovery after an operation, injury or illness, boosting the immune system, reducing emotional disturbances, Normal, soothe and relax it, reduce its aggressiveness and anxiety or accompany it at the end of its life.

I love the quote from a colleague who said: “When you can not do anything, we can always do a healing energy.” Energy care adapts to all states.

Finally, I want to say that all the alternatives mentioned in this article are complementary to veterinary medicine but are not a substitute means.

I wish you nice moments with your animals on all fours.

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