Apple iOS 11: the new features of Apple’s new operating system

Apple iOS 11, new ,features , Apple's, operating, system

The next month Apple is going to show us what awaits us with the new iOS 11, the latest major update of operating systems running on iPhones and iPads. Many things are rumored about iOS 11: from great improvements to Siri, to longer battery life, as well as a new ‘Dark mode’.

Apple iOS 11, new ,features , Apple's, operating, system

What’s new in iOS 11

This year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple will not miss this opportunity to surprise us as we are accustomed. The new operating system of Apple is expected for the next month of September of 2017, where we will see new improvements in Siri, the battery life, dark mode and also in Apple play.

Apple has always maintained a calendar of updates with English precision, it always does so in the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) that takes place in the month of June, and then launches the updates of its software in the month of September. And in the case of iOS 11, this will not be the exception. The update was announced yesterday June 5, and we will see iOS 11 come out in September.

Siri smarter

2017 has undoubtedly been the year of digital assistants, Amazon, Samsung, Google, are all looking to have the best virtual assistant for their products, and Apple has been one of the pioneers in this respect thanks to Siri. This new version of iOS 11 will bring a smarter Siri, who will learn from your habits and anticipate the text you are going to write.

There is also talk of better integrations with iMessage and iCloud, even many analysts talk about a Siri inside a speaker as Amazon Echo does.

FaceTime updated

The application? Video chat FaceTime will also receive updates, improving its integration with Google Hangouts and WhatsApp. It will include a chat function only in voice mode for when you do not want to be seen by video, and also a group chat, allowing more than one person to chat at the same time, a type of conference talk as they already have other applications.

User Interface Improvements

IOS has not received any improvements over the UI (user interface) since iOS 7 back in 2013. So some big changes to the UI for this new version are expected.

It is mostly about a Dark Mode, which would be used in ideal conditions at night to improve the visibility of the device in low light.

Low power mode tweaks

A fairly rumored update will be that of a form of smart battery that will take the reins of the use of the energy in your smartphone. You will learn from your habits and will be able to make decisions for you to help you preserve the battery for those times when you really need it.

Send money to friends with Apple Pay

Sending money using Apple Pay will be a reality, this will allow you to send money to friends or family using Apple’s digital money system.

What do you expect from the new Apple iOS 11?

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