3 Best Alternatives to Google Apps

Despite the great technological advances of today in fields such as Virtual Reality (VR), artificial intelligence, autonomous cars among many others, we can not escape the fact that e-mail is still of great importance both For people as well as for companies.


Many technology solutions are now migrating to the cloud or being offered in the cloud. Among these services is email, which is quite beneficial for companies, as they save large amounts of money by not having to invest in servers, switches, routers and everything necessary to have active and running the mail server In their offices.

Among these famous email services for businesses in the cloud, the most famous of all is Google Apps , which in addition to allowing companies to send, receive and exchange emails directly on the platform of Goole (to be more specific Gmail, which Is the most powerful email so far), also offers added values such as Google Calendar, Google Drive and for calls, the Google Hangout.

As we mentioned earlier, Google Apps is one of the most famous, but it is not the only service designed for businesses. Among the competition we might mention that in the second place and pocketing the silver medal we have Outlook , product also important and renowned company Microsoft technology.

Hiring Outlook, additional to the mail service, calendar and files, companies will be able to count on the power of Skype to make calls.

 But it does not end here, because in this competitive ecosystem mail service in the cloud, we find companies like Zoho , which like the previous offers a series of satellite services that are value added to the contract for the product Such as a CRM, chats, among other Zoho Apps.

Now, last but not least we have the company Amazon, which among its many services AWS offers a mail solution for companies called Amazon Workmail , which is hosted directly on the powerful cloud Amazon Web Services, which is Currently the most famous, powerful and secure Cloud Computing service on the market.

 It is necessary to take very, very much in mind that if you want to take the corporate mail of a company to the cloud, specifically contracting some of the services that we recommend or another, is to evaluate the costs of the same and that are within the clear budget this.


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