How to Detox liver after the holidays

Our body – a self-cleaning system, and a small error in the form of a piece of cake or a glass of it is not very scary. But the beginning of the year – a special time. Even giving a vow not to overeat at the holiday table of salads with mayonnaise, we still transform the New Year holidays in the holiday gluttony. Overeating, an abundance of greasy, heavy food, the sea of alcohol, violation of the regime – all this can be great blow to our liver, stomach and intestinal health. How to protect yourself from the consequences of overeating during the holidays?


Combine fatty foods with fiber.

Already in the New Year’s Eve, try to even slightly reduce the load on the liver. If we are tempted by pork knuckle or roasted turkey, served with fried potatoes do not take, and a salad of fresh vegetables.

Chew parsley.

Make sure that the table parsley and dill are not just decoration salad “Mimosa” and Olivier. Greens contains coarse fiber, which helps to quickly neutralize harmful substances got into us with food and alcohol. And any greens contains calcium in the most digestible form, it has a lot of vitamins (all this is washed out of the body under the influence of alcohol).

Drink fresh juices.

Waking up with a headache in the morning on January 1, do not drink coffee . Heal freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. For example, apple juice with pulp – is pectin in almost pure form, binding and excretes toxic effects of libations, plus vitamins and antioxidants. Good and carrot, orange juice – they will also help to clean the intestines, liver and patch to fill the lost supply of vitamins and minerals.

Eat apples.

As already above-mentioned reason, the legendary “two apples a day – and the doctor does not need” should be during the holidays of your daily norm.

Drink water.

Different liquids on the table will be a lot, but do not forget about the pure non-carbonated water, which must be present at the festive table. The fact that alcohol is not only a diuretic – it causes dehydration cells. This dehydration is one of the causes of the unpleasant symptoms of alcohol poisoning organism.

Arrange two-day diet after the holidays.

And those who are healthy and those with liver problems, not hurt light diet (rather, it can be called unloading days) immediately after the holidays.  Prepare yourself for a couple of vegetables, brew coffee instead of tea with chamomile or peppermint, include in the diet of low-fat dairy products. If there are problems with the pancreas, the enzymes do not forget – pancreatin help to cope with the weight in the stomach.

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