The Problem with Hydrocarbons in the Soil

To build more new homes in the UK land is needed, however, we do not want to build all over the existing land that is required by the many plants and animals that live here. In order to make the best use of our land, re-using old sites not only helps to regenerate them and put them to good use once again but also means that we can keep the natural areas safe for wildlife.

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One of the problems that comes with reusing land that has had a former use however is the possibility of contamination in the soil, which then makes it unsafe to be built on and for people to live on. Hydrocarbons are one of the biggest issues found in the soil causing it to be contaminated.

Hydrocarbons are created from fossil fuels, so they can be found in land that has previously been using fossil fuels as an energy source, such as petroleum. It can also come from used tyres and rubbers, so industrial land is where they will often be found.

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It is important that these hydrocarbons are cleared to make the land safe once again, and fortunately it is possible to do that. A professional like this soil remediation company will be able to assess the toxins that are in the soil and then safely get rid of them, so that the land can then be used safely for another purpose.

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