Providing Professional, Proficient, Practical, Cleaning Services throughout the City of Belfast

Belfast is the Capital City of Northern Ireland and is infamous for being the birthplace of the ill-fated Titanic, the ship that sank after striking an iceberg, on its maiden voyage in 1912.  In the renovated Dockyards of Belfast, nicknamed The Titanic Quarter, you will now find a museum dedicated to the memory of the “Unsinkable” Ship.  Attracting thousands of tourists and visitors every year to the City the memory of the Titanic lives on, captured in films and songs.  With such a large influx of people regularly arriving into the area, the incredibly important job of keeping the City Clean is expertly undertaken by Professional, Proficient, Practical  Belfast cleaning companies.

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With an ethos based on the mantra “Good enough just won’t do”, this is an experienced Cleaning Company with an exemplary reputation for providing thorough, efficient, safety regulated, cost-effective Services. Industrial and Commercial, Contract, Emergency and Pest Control as well as Domestic Cleaning are all covered by their highly trained teams.  A Professional, Proficient, and Practical Service delivered with the highest of standards.

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The name Belfast means, “Mouth of the Sand-bank ford” and the City is regarded as the principal port and City of Northern Ireland, second only in size to Dublin. With a large, growing population spread throughout the Metropolitan area of 671,559 and the Local Government District of 345,418 and the inner City of 293,298 Belfast is a City that takes a LOT of cleaning!

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