Why would you trust your dog to a dog sitter in your absences?

Long days, extended weekends, holidays … Why should you call a dog sitter on these occasions?

We are willing to bet that as a dog owner, you would like your hairy one to be with you all the time. Only that, no matter how much you love him, the days can be charged and dog friendly places are rare. Between work, outings and travel, it is not always possible to give him the attention he deserves to be happy and healthy. So why not ask for help from an experienced and caring person to keep your little one protected?

And no ! Your hairy man does not like solitude!

Just like humans, your dog needs companionship, love and entertainment. Yet many dogs are left to themselves for whole days or spend their holidays in the cage of a sad kennel. It is a loneliness that can be heavy for your best friend and can cause him intense emotional suffering . Destruction of habitat, uncleanliness, excessive barking, brutal or fearful behavior can be a reflection of his boredom. But who would not go crazy to remain locked up without any stimulation? Walks , activities and social ties are essential for the physical and mental health of your dog.

Fortunately, solutions exist! To solve the loneliness, one can quote the interactive toys, the visit of the neighbors, the guard in the family … Or else, to call a dog sitter of trust and near you.

Dog sitters to the rescue!

Would you like to spend your days alone or in a cage? Your dog either. What is necessary for your little protégé and for you is the gentle alternative of dog sitting.

A dog sitter is the dog ‘s super nanny. He is someone willing to give all his time and his love so that your hairball feels the happiest possible in your absence. Thanks to your dog sitter, do not panic, you can leave your mind quiet.

 Need a kick to find the ideal Dog sitter?

Dog Buddy is there for that. It is an online platform that allows you to find in 3 clicks, among hundreds of dog sitters nearby, the ideal person of confidence.

All dog sitters registered on Dog Buddy have been approved, rated and evaluated by other dog owners. They propose, at different prices that they have set themselves, dog walks, day care centers or even longer-term accommodations. Like Air Bnb, it’s quick to compare different ads and contact your favorite dog sitters, or book a guard directly.

If, like the other 85% dog owners surveyed, you want regular news of your hairy, you can easily chat with the dog sitter through the message section on the site and the mobile app. The photo of the siesta, the video of the park, the itinerary of the walks to follow its activities … you will be informed and reassured at any moment of the well-being of dog. What more ?

For even more peace of mind, all reservations are covered by veterinary insurance and civil liability in case of emergency. Guaranteed security and insured care, what to leave serenely!



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