Playing with dog: a funny way to educate him

Playing with your dog allows you to bring moments of happiness and communion between you and the animal. Playing in a playful way can strongly encourage his awakening and develop an emotional balance while bringing him a few physical exercises.

It is very important for dogs to have fun, to romp and maintain a relationship of complicity with his human. The game must be associated with moments of pleasure but also with a playful learning by soliciting and developing its natural aptitudes.

Play by educating

There is no age to play with his dog but you can start at an early age. True especially for puppies who tend to start playing nibbling, the game must allow them to integrate a smooth learning.

The game is a great way to stimulate its senses also. Solicit his sense of smell by hiding his favorite toy, develop his reflexes and his agility by making him take short courses for example where by asking him to catch his ball in flight.

How to choose a suitable toy

There are practically as many toys as there are dog breeds . First of all, it is necessary to determine the breed of the animal, its age and its state of health to choose a suitable toy. The tastes of your dog can also take into account since finding a toy that pleases him will catch his attention more easily.

Generally, the great classics always work like the Kong for example. Promote rubber toys that will not damage your pet’s teeth and gums. There are today many toys designed to stimulate your dog’s intelligence and help him learn by having fun.

For the most creative of you, it is always possible to make even some dog toys as shown in this tutorial DIY , to make a toy with old t-shirt. But be careful to always use materials that will not hurt your dog.You can also find lots of interesting info on this blog to know how to choose the toy for his dog .

Beware of over excitation

The game must above all be a moment of pleasure to share between you and the animal. It is therefore important to define limits and not to excite too much . It is up to you to determine the rules of the game and to put an end to them when it is necessary.

A dog can quickly overflow and begin to become aggressive or show teeth. If no one teaches him to play calmly, the game sessions can easily degenerate.

Obviously, you must avoid brutal games, especially if your companion is imposing. It is also not recommended to annoy your pet by running after it or by tapping it lightly so that it reacts.

Moreover, depending on the health of your pet, it is as well to ensure that it is not too breathless and that its heart does not get too excited. You also have to know how to adapt yourself to the physical abilities of your faithful companion.

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