How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

A cat in the house is an endless source of positive emotions, but daily cleaning in a tray cannot be called a pleasant moment. There are real nuggets among the purrs that understand with the sixth sense what the master expects from them and begin to walk on the toilet themselves. But such talented individuals units. Most baleen-striped owners have the problem of organizing a cat litter.

The good news is that there is a program approved by breeders of adapting furry pets to the benefits of civilization. It allows you to teach even the most stubborn cat to an ordinary toilet.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

We estimate the benefit

Having accustomed the cat to use the human toilet, the owners receive a lot of positive moments:

  1. No need to spend money on the purchase of filler, as well as constantly monitor the availability of this tool.
  2. Saves space in the apartment: the tray, wherever it was placed, does not look too aesthetically pleasing.
  3. No need to spend time changing filler, cleaning and cleaning the cat litter.
  4. Indoors it becomes cleaner; the characteristic feline smell is eliminated, which can cause allergies in the home and guests.
  5. Cat feet will remain clean.

The only thing that is required from the owner of a clever cat is to press the button of the cistern after he finishes his toilet work. Especially talented tailed pupils even signify that the time has come to do it.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

What cats are not recommended to teach to the toilet?

Say at once, some representatives of the cat kingdom will not benefit from familiarity with this useful invention of mankind. And in some cases, it is worth waiting for a little while they are ready for this. For example, too massive, sedentary cats can slip and fall when jumping on the toilet. If this happens, as a rule, they themselves stop such attempts, and it is also dangerous to put the animal at risk of injury.

You should also refrain from training pregnant cats; they are now busy with more important things. Weakened, sick or too old pets should also be left alone. Small kittens should be taught with great care: they are still too clumsy and can fall into the water, get scared, at worst, choke. It is better to wait until the cat is at least 5-6 months old, by this time it will become more agile and quick-witted.

If several pets live in the apartment at once, do not try to train everyone to the toilet at once. It is unlikely that the owner has enough time and energy to mess with each of them. In this case, you can focus on the most intelligent cat. Perhaps he will serve as a good role model for his kindred.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

How long will it take?

The most important thing in successfully teaching a cat to a useful skill is not to force things. A positive result can be achieved only by affection and patience.

Balanced cats can be accustomed to a new way of sending physiological needs in 3 weeks. Too conservative and nervous animals may need more time: about 8 weeks. All cats are individual, but a loving owner will be able to feel at what stage it is better to wait than to overdo it. According to some catnip reviews, they managed to teach their not too compliant pets to the toilet for 3 months. But even if the process takes such a long time, it’s worth it.

Instructions for training cats to the toilet

The proposed method is suitable for healthy adult animals that perfectly use their own tray. It is extremely important to carry out all steps consistently, observing temporary norms.

The first thing to do is to teach a fluffy pet to the sound of washable water if it is not used to it. Some cats react to unfamiliar sounds rather painfully. To do this, take the cat in your arms and wash the water a couple of times in the toilet, watching the reaction. If he remains calm, you can proceed to the next stage.

Training to an empty tray

Instinct makes the cats bury their excrement so that their smell does not attract the predator and not scare off the potential prey. In order to teach the cat to the tray without filler, gradually pour a smaller amount. Watch the reaction of the animal, if necessary, this stage can be stretched to the last moment of schooling.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?


If the cat’s toilet is located in another room, for example, in the bathroom, it should be placed closer to the toilet. You need to move the box gradually, 5 cm every day. Otherwise, the cat may get confused and spoil on the floor where the tray was previously. When he gets used to the close proximity of the toilet, you can proceed to further action.

Raise tray

The task of this stage is to raise the tray to the height of the toilet seat. This will allow the cat to develop the habit of jumping onto the toilet. This should be done gradually, otherwise, the animal will not guess what they want from it.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

Raise the tray above the floor a couple of centimeters daily, using any stable support. Many owners use the available material for these purposes: old magazines, newspapers, boards, etc. The main thing is that the constructed structure does not stagger when jumping, and the cat felt confident about it. Ideally, it takes 10-12 days to train a cat to walk into a tray at a height.

If the pet stubbornly refuses to climb the dais, you need to take a week off and then try again. Some owners use additional training to teach the cat to jump and hold onto the toilet seat. Training takes place in the form of a game. Attach your favorite cat toys to the toilet, for example, a fishing pole with a mouse. She must understand that being in an unusual place is not dangerous.

When the goal is reached, the tray is temporarily left on the stand before proceeding to the next step.

Moving cat litter

Then the drawer is gradually moved to the toilet seat. That adaptation was steady, from it uncover. If something staggers or falls, all previous efforts can be reduced to zero.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

After 3-4 days, the tray should be completely on the toilet. If there is still a filler in it, it is reduced to a minimum and, finally, removed altogether. This achievement must be fixed within a few days in order to develop a new habit in the animal.

If the cat gets stuck at some stage or regresses to unwanted actions, do not blame it. Most likely, you were too hasty in it or did not associate the result with positive reinforcement.

Discard tray

We have come to the most important moment, which will allow us to finally accustom the cat to the desired way to go to the toilet. If the previous stages did not meet difficulties, the tray should be removed outside the apartment. This is done so that the pet does not find it by smell. When the cat does not find the usual box, she will look for him and fuss. Some owners, seeing the confusion of a cat, briefly close the toilet door.

But most pets quickly figure out how to get out of the situation, and sit on the edge of the toilet.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

To teach some cats will help a simple device that is easy to do at home. Put a filler in a small box and tie it with scotch tape in the center of the stick, which should be put across the toilet bowl. Then the familiar smell will serve as a pet as a guide. You can also temporarily use a cat litter liner. Holes are cut along the edges, and then the net is fixed with tape on the seat.

A positive result is achieved when the cat, without any tricks, understands what is expected of him, and does it on his own.

Special pads to help teach the cat

As a rule, the biggest problem is the stage of moving the tray to the toilet: it may not fit in size and create difficulties when the cat jumps. Therefore, instead, it is better to use special systems for training the cat to the toilet, which is sold in pet stores.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

The main advantages of commercial offers – compliance with standard sizes, which provides convenience and stability. The principle of operation is that an ordinary cat tray by increasing the hole gradually transformed into an overlay.

Structurally, such devices are divided into two types:

  • Plastic trough for fixing on the toilet, in which holes of different diameters are structurally provided. First, in the patch cut out the smallest hole. Every 5-6 days the slot is enlarged in accordance with the outlined contours. The cat understands that it is impossible to attack in the middle of the trough and, step by step, adapts itself to the increase in the opening. When the pet steadily keeps, the pad is removed completely.
  • Systems of the second type teach the cat even easier. They are a set of plastic rings inserted into each other. The advantage of such a device is that at first, they can simply replace the cat’s toilet, and when the cat recognizes him as their own, move them to the toilet. The scheme of training is the same: periodically you need to remove the rings so that the diameter of the hole increases.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

The most advanced designs are equipped with sliding curtains and legs for a gradual increase in height. They completely relieve the owner of the need to tinker with the use of additional materials.

When choosing a system, be sure to consider the weight of your pet and proportion it with the thickness of the plastic. The heavier the animal, the stronger and more massive the product should be.

Useful tips

And now the goal has been achieved, and you can boast of your acquaintances that you have done this – have taught your beloved cat to the toilet!

The main task is solved; it remains only not to forget about two things:

  1. The door to the toilet should be ajar all the time or a special cat’s hole is cut through it.
  2. The lid of the toilet bowl must be constantly raised so that the cat can go to the toilet when needed.

How To Teach A Cat To The Toilet?

Do not forget to praise and encourage your pet for any behavior that demonstrates its progress. Affectionate intonation and stroking cats understand perfectly. Do not neglect the delicacies, for many tasty treats, are the most desirable encouragement.

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