10 tips to train your dog

You can save a lot of headaches for your family and you can avoid much suffering to your pet if you spend a few minutes to teach the rules with love and patience.

Dogs have become an important member of the family and a faithful companion.

It is almost the rule: when a dog comes to a person’s life, he does it from a puppy, and the tenderness that causes him to look so small and funny makes us forget that like any living being, he also has physiological needs and also requires affection, patience , Hygiene and education, regardless of the material aspect that is the house, the food and one another toy to entertain.

When we do not consider these aspects, it is difficult to take full responsibility for it and before the first adversities we resort to ineffective and pitiful measures that result in cases such as that of Sarah, a woman who, at the insistence of her 7-year-old daughter decided Buy a Schnauzer puppy , which is very restless and distinguished by its continuous barking.

“Living in an apartment, the neighbors began to complain and it was necessary to cut the mouth strings so that it no longer made so much noise and while it was small we kept it inside the house, but when it started to grow we went up to the service room that was Found on the roof and this made it more complicated that we saw it; We fed him food and water in the morning, cleaned the place and did it. Now Ximena, my daughter, is 15 years old and less wants to know about the animal, so we will give it away, “says Laura.

Like the case of Sarah and Ximena, there are many others that also can vary in the existing problematic, however, this type of extreme measures like the abandonment or produce physical alterations to limit their nature, are avoidable to the extent that we dedicate The time necessary to provide the training that allows them to adapt to the coexistence with humans.

The reality is that you do not need to pay an expensive course for a dog to receive education: from the trust and affection you feel towards him, it is easier to lecture him and make his behavior as expected.

Expertise proposes some tips that contribute to the training, to teach you both thanks and good habits, have good effects:

1.  Before starting, it is necessary to relax, it is recommended to take a nap or have a cup of tea.

2.  You have to select the right place, this should be quiet, without people or distractors like telephones, radio, etc.

3. Make sure the pet is calm. If you have just arrived from work or school, you have to wait until your welcome ritual ends, and then you start.

4. It is recommended to design a plan of how many exercises are going to be performed, ideally it is to start from less to more.

5. It is important to give only one order at a time, so you have the opportunity to process the task correctly before switching to something else.

6. Speak slowly and clearly.Orders should be short and short.

7. Only the necessary thing is spoken with the mascot, that is to say, it is necessary to give the order and the corresponding praise, nothing more.

8. During the exercises it is not recommended to touch him or have effective contact with him.

9. If the can not understood the instruction and therefore does not obey, it must be repeated slowly and slowly.

10. It is recommended to use motivational objects, such as food or toys that are provided while you are praised. Of course, it is not advisable that one shows great enthusiasm with his achievements.

Spending a few minutes daily on the pet to teach her the right way to behave in her new home is an excellent sign for her and for herself that the longing to stay together is permanent and will not end even when she stops being a puppy. Or when their behavior is not what we had dreamed.

Friendship with the so-called ‘best friend of man’ has to be built with the same dedication and commitment that is made with a human being.

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related with occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.