Moroccan chicken with couscous cauliflower and nuts

Sure we all have one or two dishes that are our usual to prepare resource when not much time or inspiration in the kitchen. I usually opt for a chicken breast, a quick sauce with spices and a garnish of cereal, custom curiously I took my Swiss family. If you seek an even lighter alternative you can try this recipe for Moroccan chicken with couscous cauliflower and nuts, tasty and easy.

Cauliflower has a bad reputation but a great vegetable if properly prepared, forgetting excessive and boring cooking. Here i will share a basic recipe for preparing couscous style. If you have no spice mix ras el hanout can do a combination that you like, for example cumin, cayenne pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper.Continue reading →

Ferrari GTC4Lusso: The replacement of the FF has wheel drive and rear axle steering

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

After several teaser that made ​​us think of a new Ferrari FF from Maranello released the first information about its novelty for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in early March. It is called Ferrari GTC4Lusso and it is the replacement of the FF, in addition to the V12 engine, the four-wheel drive and body type GT incorporates directional rear axle.Continue reading →

Volkswagen includes two 100% electric models with at least 300 kilometers of autonomy in 2018


After the embarrassing 2015 Volkswagen wins, the German manufacturer wants to turn his image betting on electric mobility, and in that sense, in recent months have seen as projects with electric engines have increased (the Volkswagen Phaeton electric, the Volkswagen BUDD-e or improvements in their future plans with batteries).Continue reading →

Tips to increase profits of your business


How much would you give to triple your sales from this month?

Sell ​​more, it is possible…

Today I share at least 10 surefire tips to increase your revenue by improving your sales.

Regardless of the size of your business, we could say that the formula to sell more is reduced to a series of small actions that can give you great results:

1. Increase the frequency of visits to your current customers. To achieve more orders at first you must increase the frequency of visits to your customers. A couple of visits or calls per month could make the difference between 5 and 7 orders orders. Multiply it by the number of clients in your portfolio and you will soon see major differences.Continue reading →

10 tips to improve your business

Improve your business

When you are planning to start a business there should be clear goal set before you commence any other things. Goals should be like after 1 year where you want to be in the market competition, how much production you should make for that and how much marketing efforts you need to push for that to happen. There should be clear numbers in black and white before you began the real ground work. Without proper board room work, the work in field won’t yield any results.  The way you market the product will be the difference between you and your competitors. You should not lower the price for the sake of competition or because your competitor is providing lower price. You should ensure the discounts or offers you make should not reduce or cut off your profit margin. In same way, how you present the ideas or products to the potential clients will attract more business. When you are competing with many others in same field, it is how you present the details will be the key difference.

When you have set the goal to reach, your staffs should also have the same goal and feel. They should also work with same dedication and mind set then only you will be able to reach the goal otherwise it will be a total disaster with in cooperative staffs.

Loans based on salary

Salaried class people always struggle when there is some sudden expense comes up unexpectedly. In those difficult times, it is tough to get any personal loans immediately from the banks or financial institutions. They need to verify lot of documents including your credit rating and other things. It will take long time to get approved or it may get rejected also. In these difficult times you can take help from Payday loans net website. These websites provide loans based on your salary and will get deducted from the salary. So you don’t need to worry about excessive document work.

Get loans under right to buy

When you have decided to buy the home under Right to buy, it is not easy to pay the entire amount in single installment from your hand or from savings. You will have limitations on the amount. In that scenario, under the government plan you can take loan or mortgage in which you can repay the entire amount in installments with the interest. Criteria for providing mortgage will differ from one bank to another, but if you have all the documentation and details ready, you are sure to get the loan or mortgage without much difficulty. You can approach the banks and get it done easily.

The companies and brands still have much room for improvement in social networks

Social Networks

Studies have been demonstrating in recent times, although consumers have changed their expectations and although they have become a kind of freaks real time, always waiting for brands to interact with them at the exact moment they are talking , the fact is that companies are not always up to par and, in general, still have to learn a lot and still quite shake. Response times are often too long and trademarks are not usually all that should be dynamic.

The latest study has analyzed what they are doing and how manufacturers are responding to the challenges of social networking is the Sprout Social Index, which has shown that much remains to be done. The study looks at what they are doing different industries in social networks and how even those who receive messages are not being anything effective in responding to this new environment.Continue reading →

Why they are succeeding brand communities outside of social networks?

Social Networking

Social networks are a fundamental part of the strategy of the companies, but the fact is that brands no longer just used the ‘traditional’ social networks when they want to reach consumers. Increasingly are becoming interested more for brand communities, that is, social scenarios that are not dependent on popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, but have been created by the company to focus on an item or a reality to them interested.

Brand communities can be in many ways and many types. There are brand communities focused on specific products, which can afford the brands that have crossed the line and become an item for fans; others focus on specific areas, such as those allowing exchange recipes under the protection of a brand power; or serve as a guide to the problems, a kind of collaborative customer care. The formulas are varied, but all have in common a few things. They are a good format for profit for the company.Continue reading →

Why consumers will not buy more via the mobile?

Mobile Shopping

The mobile phone has become an indispensable tool in the purchasing process, and most people use it frequently to compare prices, research products or information on the location and time of a store. Also rapidly it is growing number of consumers who use it to make purchases, but considering that 9 out of 10 consumers smartphone device is already the primary Internet connection, strange that the number of buyers via computer remains much higher.Continue reading →

Window shopping is also a trend that extends LAN

Online Business
More and more consumers use the online shops as a stage to see, as they do when they go for a walk and watch shops. The Internet has changed the lifestyle of consumers is something that few would argue. The network has appeared and has introduced new behavior, I changed that already existed and changed the habits of people in general.Things are not as easy and simple as might appear before and consumers are becoming more connected, are seeking more information and details about the things that interest them. Increasingly have access to more data, more and more scenarios can move them to discover more things and have more and more elements that change their buying habits.

Continue reading →

3 tips to generate ideas for your blog

ideas for blogging

You do not know what topics to write? Take note of these tips to share experiences and engage your readers.

Develop story ideas for your blog is very similar to generate business ideas: You probably think many fiasco that have some shine. Even the most experienced writers experience this. Although it is simple to find topics to write as an entrepreneur such as networking, branding and marketing-strategies is the fact that they too have been too addressed. Continue reading →