Panasonic RP-HD5: Hi-Res Audio at an affordable price

Panasonic RP-HD5

Acquire a headset is not always a simple task. If price is, no obvious problem is that everything is simplified, since few headphones more than 250 or 300 dollars leave us dissatisfied. The problem is when we have to further adjust the budget. That is where problems arise.

For a few weeks, I used one of the latest handsets from Panasonic, the RP-HD5. A model that is below the HD10 and arrives with the intention of offering a high quality sound for about 100 dollars. If it succeeds or not, what you offer, what fails and succeeds is what we will see. Analysis headphone Panasonic RP-HD5.

Design, construction materials and comfort

The design is the first thing, let’s face it, we are struck headphones. It is true that I should not but often discard or choose some only by design. Well, design and fashion as some would say about those who buy models Beats. However, let us focus on the present one.

The Panasonic RP-HD5 is a headset with a classic design. No eccentricities or colorful strangers, etc. We Panasonic typical atrial bunt in which the black and silver touches a shape to the whole.

It is true that depend on the taste of everyone but me personally pleasing much. They are valid for home and also when you want to use on the street. Something that is also the length of its cable, 1.2m. Yes, but having it only on one side is beneficial, the feel of the cable itself is not me it very reliable. I think the part that will suffer if you are not careful, it is probably the point at which “die”.

They are made ​​of plastic although parts make use of aluminum to give it greater strength. Which I appreciate, as there are parties such as the extensors mechanism, which suffers the most. In addition, not only because by folding or not to adjust our head or occupy less space, also under pressure to do to securely fitted to the head.


Finally, the top pad by synthetically skin is quite comfortable and soft.Like the headphones themselves. With the first, we guarantee comfort during long periods of use to enhance the feeling of weight. With the latter, with an appropriate level of pressure, we can put them more time and even with glasses on undisturbed.

By the way, two details, the mechanism of rotation makes them very comfortable to keep on his shoulders as we pause, we simply remove them for any reason. And the ability to move forward, or backward each earpiece also helps to improve comfort. These things perhaps irrelevant for many but I appreciate those details.

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Let us speak of the features, so we can know what offers on the role this headset Panasonic RP-HD5…


Panasonic RP-HD5


40mm made of Neodymium


44 Ohm



Frequency Response


Cable length




Sound quality

The big question in an audio product is none other than what sound quality offered. Although one will buy for fashion, decide to invest in a headset would not make sense if you are looking is not to improve the sound experience.

Under the Hi-Res label a headset with a good performance, a detailed audio and improves hide in different musical styles

These Panasonic RP-HD5 think not disappoint anyone who bet on them. Of course, we must be clear what kind of public notes. For the gourmets of sound with one ear very well educated and certain hobbies surely be short on performance. However, the target audience for which it is intended to comply thinks well.

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The representation of the sound stage is wide and not as some larger models but satisfactory. In different tests, with music of different styles, quite enjoying each topic. That makes them suitable for all types of styles but it is classical music or topics that serious no precedence where both brighter.

Moreover, if the audio file is in the best quality possible even better. Because these headsets are designed to support Hi-Res sound. Yes, that for many is a marketing label but provides a point more than similar models. An improvement in the level of detail is readily apparent. All without losing or reducing their performance as up the volume.

When buying a headset everyone knows how to be prepared to spend or compensates you do. Assuming that an investment environment for 70 or 100 dollars is not unusual, the quality in both audio and finishes that offers the Panasonic RP-HD5 is remarkable.


They are quite comfortable, your options settings that favor even more comfort and touch pads also accompany. The only thing I did not like was the cable. In Panasonic had rounded product with only two details in the cable. First the possibility of being interchangeable. The second, a volume control integrated or even hands free. Because it is a valid model foolishly if we want a more urban use.

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