10 Ways to Reduce Marketing Costs

Savings should be … productive. Is it possible to save time and money on marketing without losing it as a result? 10 ways to painlessly cut the budget for marketing costs.

When the company, it would seem, is no longer able to tighten the belt tighter, the next year is even more severe economically. To overcome the crisis, many resorts to reducing the marketing budget, which is only partly correct. Savings can be economical, and maybe even sensible. The second option is preferable since it allows you to switch to low-budget marketing activities, instead of completely abandoning them.

1. Use affiliate programs with payment for the result

Instead of plunging into the unfamiliar sector of the market, it is better to establish partner channels with payment for the result. A system of incentive wage, in which a number of wages depend on productivity or quality of work, will save the budget from instant collapse after the first contact with the pitfalls of the market. Partner missions, in turn, will allow you to play confidently on someone else’s territory.

2. Double performance analysis

Along with the collection of average statistical data, use individual analytics as a way of differentiating several marketing channels. With a closer look, it may well turn out that even with a general positive course of marketing actions, some channels have a weak, if not zero or even negative, the level of involvement and conversions.

Double performance analysis will identify the weak links in your enterprise. In addition, a personal approach will clarify the relationship between different marketing channels, when the same activity is able to show a diametrically opposite result depending on the choice of neighboring channels.

3. Geo-targeting if necessary

Advertisement advertising is different. One and the same ad can have a greater effect for less money. Focusing on international and national sites you buy air. It is better to concentrate on smaller regional advertising but to get in the place of a real potential customer.

4. Expenses for translations

In order for your message to be correctly understood by foreign clients and partners, it is better to seek the help of a specialist. If you work with translation agencies that charge for the number of characters or words, shorten the planned publication for publication. Thought, deployed on several A4 pages in small print, can be rolled up with a quiet heart several times without a noticeable loss of quality. Sometimes, even on the contrary.

In addition, many formats of international relations do not require officially certified translations, so you can limit yourself to English as a lifeline when dealing with foreigners.

5. Flexibility in time and place

Time of a meeting at times to change not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. When planning, for example, the event at the hotel, no one disturbs you to ask the manager of the institution whether they have free windows on the schedule. Adjusting to the needs of the landlord, you can save on the event without losing quality. Of course, this option works when the time of the event is not important for your audience. The same principle of “entering someone else’s position” can be adhered to when choosing the future venue of the event.

6. Save on keywords

It’s silly to say goodbye to SEO, especially when some search engine optimization activities have already been done, cutting off part of the budget. As a compensation, it is better to switch to cheaper searches with lower conversion rates.

7. Pay for involvement, not clicks

Everyone knows that a stone beats scissors, paper is a stone, and involvement is cliques. The casual user can click on your ad, quickly view its contents and also quickly disappear from sight, taking from your pocket honestly enclosed investments. The involved user will gladly repost, add news to his tape, install an official application … and will not take a penny for it.

8. Freelance to the rescue

Some tasks are beyond our ability, others ─ in our competence only indirectly, requiring colossal spiritual and physical stress, subsequent edits of a specialist, or even alterations from a clean slate. In pursuit of savings, you can break a lot of firewood, so it’s better to make a list of things that you can not or prefer not to do at once.

Today, freelance websites allow you to hire temporary, informal cadres on terms that are beneficial to the employer.Against the backdrop of general unemployment and a difficult economic situation, many high-profile specialists agree to a one-time work, so do not hesitate to set your own wages.

9. Automate the process

In marketing, many operations have to be repeated every day, going through the same algorithms of action: click the mouse here, then here and so a hundred times in a row. Save time by installing software to automate frequency actions.

For example, you actively promote the product in social networks. Third-party programs for a symbolic fee allow you to archive and plan future publications for days and months ahead. Do you specialize in marketing? In the network, you can find hundreds of templates for mailings, and for answers, you can configure the chain of answering machines. The principle is clear.

10. Review subscription costs

Soft and Internet services, newspapers and online publications, membership in organizations and services of outside specialists ─ all this requires investments, and often in a subscription format, rather than a single investment.Reconsider your monthly expenses by deleting pleasant trivia that do not actually contribute to the growth of a business or increase the involvement of staff.

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