10 tips for success in a group interview

Group interview

Typically when we have a job interview (quite an achievement these days) it is to make it individually, but can also be other candidates in a group dynamic.

To increase your chances to make to the post, we recommend you follow these 10 tips…

1- Previously homework on the company and the job that applying for: If you make a group interview is because they want to see how you get on in public, whether you have leadership skills or how you are able to negotiate or sell a product. You will not know in advance what skills they want, but depending on the type of work if you can figure out what qualities may be more important.

Group interview
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2- Stay calm: As in an individual interview, it is important to be as calm / a can. Let there be more candidates not mean you have less chance. If the interview is individual there will be more people competing for the post, only to be presented at a time.

3- Do not consider the other candidates as enemies: Typically in a group interview is that you pose a common problem, which does not have to be related to work, and that you divide into two groups to exchange ideas. The aim is to defend your ideas, not attack others.

4- Read / listen carefully to the instructions of the test: You may provide written content of group dynamics. If so, read carefully what is called for, like a test.

5- Spend some time thinking about what you will say: You will earn points if you have original ideas if they are credible and arguments well. You will also have gained ground if you think beforehand how they can refute your ideas.

6- If you can, take the initiative: It costs be the first to speak in public, but if you can overcome that fear will start with an advantage. Interviewers appreciate your initiative. If someone passes you, do not worry, not everyone can be the first to speak and still have the whole group dynamics ahead.

7- Nurses form of expression: It is very important to speak clearly, to accompany your words with gestures and demonstrating safety in what you say.

8- Participates and shows interest: Hardly selected if you only participate in the race or disinterest appreciate you. Nor is it good to talk for too long or hog all the attention, the best is a compromise.

9- Listen carefully to what the other candidates say: If you speak before you, do not repeat the same arguments that have already been used. If you can also learning you or point do you call the other applicants and refer to them by name, you will cause good impression.

10- Demonstrate your ability to work together: It’s one of the things that most interviewers will be set. If they see that you think you’re free unable to adapt to his team.

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