Decorative solutions for small apartments

Decorate small apartments

The vast majority of households, especially those found in cities, are characterized by small and much would have to change things for the floors to be built from now are larger. In fact, it appears that in the future houses will equal or smaller still. Therefore, it is important to be prepared to deal with the shortage of square meters in homes.

If you already have to make do with living in a small apartment then you have to find decorative solutions that make your life in your home more comfortable and enjoyable. To help you out, now in this article we will give you a few ideas that you can be tremendously helpful. You do not believe it? Just take a look at what we tell you then!

Decorate small apartments
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Light colors

How could it be otherwise, we have to start recommending that use light colors for different elements of your home, that is, for walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings, textiles … These will help to expand the space visually and provide more light, which also favors the visual range. White is the most appropriate to achieve these objectives color, but it is also a good idea to opt for lighter shades of any color, especially fresh. You must also not forget that it is important to add strokes in other colors to make your stay in question is not boring nor too cold.


Glass can become one of your greatest allies when decorating small apartments. For example, you can choose to replace walls glass partitions, decanter pieces of furniture in this material, choose decorative pieces of glass or other materials reflective … In this sense, we also recommend playing with mirrors. The end of a hallway wall beside the hall or area located above the fireplace are suitable places to put mirrors.

Decorate small apartments
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Think Vertical

On the other hand, it is important that when decorating an apartment with few square meters think vertically, as the walls do not detract square footage. So, you can put shelves or shelves on doors and walls, bet on raised beds, cabinets and wall units placed …

Take advantage of corridors and corners

A good idea to decorate small apartments is to maximize traffic areas. For example, a receiver can serve to create a small area of study and work, especially if you opt for a table and a folding chair as soon as they take up space if they are not used. It is also advisable to use the entrance and corridors to place storage systems such as shelves or shoemakers. Also, if you have a few square meters better approves different corners of your home (hole under the stairs, space under the windows, corners, columns …), but not overwhelm the space with too many pieces.

Decorate small apartments
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The most recommended furniture

Beyond the furniture, which are the most recommended when decorating small apartments, there are other pieces of furniture that you may find useful as, for example, folding, since they only take up space when they are being used. Extendable furniture and multifunctional can also be very practical. We refer to the beds with storage base, convertible dining tables consoles, poufs with extra storage space …

Seize the balcony

Finally, and only if the square meters are scarce too, you can close the balcony or steal what few centimeters to give to the living room or any other room in which it is situated. If you prefer, you can also use this space for storage, although it is important to be always tidy and organized.

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