Why you should Fit Downlight Covers in your Home

Downlighting installed in every room of a property is one of the most popular lighting choices in most modern homes.  With this style of light fitting, it is always recommended that Downlight Covers are used to ensure that there is sufficient insulation and airtightness around each location.  With electricity bills increasing and households trying to reduce their overall energy consumption these elite covers are recommended to reduce costs and are available on-line from a site such as Thermahood.  By forming an airtight seal around each downlight fitting these clever covers dramatically reduce heat loss, this is especially useful in attics and lofts.  These specific Covers have a unique design that stops them coming into direct contact with loft insulation, therefore making them a safe, practical and cosmetically appealing choice for any room in your home.

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These particular Downlight Covers can be purchased in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit sloped attic roofs, flat lofts and any other ceiling design.  With their special safety features these Covers are the preferred choice of electrical contractors, insulation specialists and house builders.  You should fit these Covers because they meet all the stringent building regulations, reduce the risk of fire, improve air quality and are quick and easy to install.

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Downlighting adds character and ambience to any home or office setting and with these innovative Downlight Covers fitted it can enhance the safety and look of any property they are installed into.

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