The Seaside Town of Clevedon is Supporting SOLAR Energy

The seaside town of Clevedon is located in the North of the County of Somerset and the growing population of just over 21,000 local inhabitants are doing all they can to Support Solar Energy.  Working together in harmony with a local, prestigious, professional, company such as who are experienced Solar Panel Installers Clevedon, they are embracing new technology in order to prevent Climate Change, reduce Global Warming and save our Precious Planet. The time to act is NOW and the need to drastically change the way we power the electricity used to heat our homes has to become a lot more Environmentally Friendly.

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Clevedon lies directly alongside the Severn Estuary and is surrounded by several small hills including, Wain’s Hill, Strawberry Hill, Church Hill and Court Hill which is classified as a Site of Special Interest because of its overlaid Pleistocene Deposits. The residents and homeowners of Clevedon are very proud of their Town, its Victorian Pier, its 14th Century Manorial Hall known as Clevedon Court, its 17th Century Walton Castle and its famous Clock Tower built in 1898 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

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The local community are joining together to embrace the Power of Solar Energy and are very proud of their efforts to positively affect the wider Environment.  They understand that the sustainable Energy that comes from the intense heat of the Sun can be converted into electricity and used to effectively power their Homes and Businesses.

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