Not enough space for the modern family

Do you live in a three bed house but the third room is so small, it’s little more than a box room? Do you have children who must share a bedroom but are always complaining that they wish they had their own room? Space is a big problem for the modern family, with many of the newer houses being built offering little additional room for growing families.

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Clever storage solutions will only help you to a point. Once you’ve exhausted these avenues, you really are just left with a cramped home and grumpy family members. So, what to do about this?

There are a few options. You could move to a bigger property. However, this is financially difficult for most families. Besides, you might already be in a great location for work and schools, for example. An extension is a possibility. However, if it’s additional bedroom space you are looking for, a bedroom on the first floor is not an ideal choice for many families.

One solution is to consider converting your loft. A loft has great untapped potential as it is seldom used for anything and solves the problem of not wanting a bedroom on the ground floor. Imagine how amazing it would be to use this space for additional living space and/or an extra bedroom to relieve the pressure on the family. For Loft Conversions Exeter, visit

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The benefits are multiple. You save money, end up with a great room with the potential for many different uses and enjoy the advantage of adding considerable value to your home.

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