Modernising an Older Home to Make it More Energy Efficient

If your home needs a lot of work, or you have recently bought a property that is in serious need of an update, it is hard to know where to start. There are lots of things to think about and making sure that the home is brought up to a modern standard and is comfortable for you to live in is important, as well as the fact that you will likely have to do some work to improve the energy efficiency of the property if it hasn’t had much work done to it for a few decades.

As well as being better for the planet, having a home that is more energy efficient can also reduce your fuel bills and make sure that your home is well insulated, which can keep it cool in the summer as well as keeping it warm in the winter.

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Here are three parts of the property to look into changing if you want to improve the insulation…

The Loft – Because most heat is lost through the roof of your home it makes sense to start here. Getting your loft insulated is probably the biggest boost you can give to your home in terms of insulation, so this should be your priority.

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Windows – Older buildings will have windows that are not as good at keeping the heat in. Look online for windows near me to find a company that can replace your old windows with a more modern design that also keeps your home warmer.

The Doors – Doors can also let heat escape even when they are closed! Getting doors replaced and having a door that has no letterbox will help you to prevent draughts.

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