Maintenance tips for your septic tank

Septic tanks might not be particularly exciting or glamorous things to think about, but for those that have one, it is a vitally important part of the property. What can you do to keep your septic tank in tip-top condition? Start with these simple tips.
Do I have a septic tank?

If you have a septic tank, you’ll already know about it. Most properties in the UK do not use a septic tank. They are attached to houses and other buildings which are not connected to the main sewer works. In the UK this applies to around 10 percent of properties.

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Reduce your water use

This tip is so obvious that you won’t actually hear it that often. But the best way to maintain your septic tank is to ask less of it, by reducing your water consumption. The less you flush your loo, take showers or do anything else that uses water, the less work your tank will have to do and the longer it will last between repairs.

Be careful what you flush

Nothing should be going down your toilet apart from the Three Ps (poo, pee, and paper). And nothing should be going down any other drain, apart from water. Baby wipes and sanitary items are an absolute no-no, but many people don’t realise that even fats and oils can cause a problem. Try to wipe down pots and pans that are left with grease and throw the paper in the bin.

Maintaining the whole system

You need to look at your draining, plumbing, and septic tank as a holistic system. That means ensuring the whole thing is in good condition. This will in turn keep your septic tank healthier for longer.

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Consider options like draining lining. Those looking for drain lining Gloucester will find it’s offered by experts such as Wilkinson Environmental. This will help prevent all sorts of future issues in your system.

Most of maintaining a septic water tank is about limiting how much and what goes down, as well as protecting the entire system too.

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