How to Hang Curtains to Make a Stunning Impact

If you want your curtains to make a stunning impact, they need to be at the proper height. This might require some extra work if you have very tall windows, but it can give your room a sense of grandeur that’s worth the effort.

You also want your curtains to have fullness, which can help elongate the room and draw attention to your ceilings. A general rule is that your curtain panels should be a minimum of four to six inches wider than the window frame. This creates a frame around the window and adds an airy, spacious effect.

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Choosing the right colour for your curtains is also important, especially for rooms that get a lot of sunlight. Dark-coloured curtains can fade in direct sunlight, so it’s a good idea to opt for a lighter shade. Lighter shades are also easy to clean and tend to be more breathable.

Another thing to consider when choosing a fabric is how much privacy you want. If your curtains will be visible from the street, it’s best to choose a light fabric, such as lace or sheer, that will let in plenty of natural light but still provide privacy. If your curtains will only be seen from inside your home, then you can go a bit heavier and more formal with velvet or tweed. When you need Curtain Makers Chelsea, visit

Before you purchase your curtains, decide how high you want them to hang. You’ll also want to figure out what style of puddle you prefer, whether you want your curtains to break into a small puddle when they reach the floor or to hang flat and straight.

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If you want your curtains to kiss the floor, this is the hardest length to pull off. It requires incredibly precise measurements to ensure that your drapes are hovering exactly at the right spot on the floor and is an ideal option for homes with sleek, contemporary decor. If you’re not up for the challenge, try hanging them about 1/2 inch from the floor for a slightly more casual look that’s still clean and custom. This method is also perfect for large bay windows that can look a bit odd if they hang too low or too high.

You can also add a little more interest to your drapes by using a decorative rod pocket, such as one made from a wooden branch. This gives your curtains a custom, tailored feel and can help conceal any imperfections in your wall or ceiling.

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