How much does it cost to do your laundry?

Apart from your kettle, your washing machine is probably the busiest appliance in your home. Do you know how much an average load of washing costs? Let’s take a look at how the cost stacks up and how you can save a few pennies.

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How much does a washing machine cost to run?

Despite the Ofgem energy price cap falling to £1,690 per year until 30 June 2024, electricity is still the largest cost when doing laundry. Prices might vary slightly, but an average washing machine cycle costs 19.4p per cycle.

Water costs make up only 20% of the overall price of using your washing machine, costing roughly 4.6p per cycle. Add these together and you have a typical cost per load of washing of 24p, or £52 per year.

Saving money on your washing

With energy prices still high, many of us are trying to find ways to reduce our costs. Luckily, there are ways you can save while doing your washing:

1. Wash full loads

A washing machine uses the same amount of energy whatever the load, so it is better to make sure it is full.

2. Clean your machine regularly

Detergent, fabric conditioner and limescale can build up in your washing machine, so it is a good idea to clean it regularly with a special cleaner.

3. Keep your washing machine healthy

Your washing machine drains into the main sewer, so water sitting in your machine could be a sign of a blockage further down. Repairing pipes is expensive; however, pipe lining can be a good solution that not only cuts down on disruption but also saves money.

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You will find lots of companies that offer sewer pipe lining Wolverhampton, such as, to help you solve your washing machine woes.

There are lots of tips to help you cut down on your washing costs, but taking care of your machine is one of the most important. Clean your washing machine regularly and you will enjoy the best washes for years to come.

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