Avoid these front door colours in 2023

As design trends evolve, certain colours that were once popular for front doors may now be outdated or less appealing. If you’re thinking of giving your home’s entrance a fresh look, here are some specific front door colours to avoid in 2023:
Beige or Off-White

Beige or off-white front doors, once considered safe and neutral choices, are becoming less popular. They can often appear dull and uninspiring, lacking the vibrancy and personality that modern homeowners seek when it comes to their UPVC doors in Worcester.

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Pastel Pink

Pastel pink front doors, while charming in the right context, are seen as dated choices for 2023. These colours may not provide the desired contrast and impact for your home’s exterior.

Neon Yellow

Neon yellow front doors can be overwhelming and might not blend well with the rest of your home’s exterior. Opt for subtler shades that complement your overall design when you are choosing UPVC doors Worcester.

Muddy Brown

Muddy brown front doors can make your home appear outdated and uninviting. These colours lack the vibrancy that a front door should bring to your kerb appeal.

Electric Blue

Extremely saturated electric blue front doors may be too intense for 2023 because they can clash with the surrounding colours and architecture.


Unconventional choices like black front doors are becoming less popular. While black can work well in specific settings, it may not be the best fit for all homes.

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Grey front doors that are overly tied to current design trends should be chosen with caution. What’s trendy today may not be in style tomorrow, leaving your front door looking outdated quickly.

What Colours to Consider:

Deep Blue: A rich navy blue adds elegance and sophistication to your home’s exterior.

Classic Red: A timeless choice that exudes warmth and welcomes guests.

Slate Gray: A subtle, versatile colour that complements a range of architectural styles.

Sage Green: A muted green shade that offers a fresh and calming look.

Charcoal Black: A classic and bold option that works well with many home exteriors.

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