10 smart tips on how to clean the house before the guests arrive

Want your house shone purity before a festive party, but the time is not enough, as always? When you are getting ready to take a crowd of visitors, every minute counts. Here are some tips that will help you meet the guests without a mop in his hands

Image Source: Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

1. Clean carpets using baking soda

If you do not have time for deep cleaning of carpets and coverings, then refresh them from dirt and odors will bicarb. Sprinkle cover it, let it sit for 15 minutes and then vacuum.

2. Wash metal instruments during cooking

are going to cook for guests chicken with lemons, put the half citrus and wipe the metal cutlery, faucets and handles, and then rinse with water -. They shine like new. A lemon peel throw in the shredder waste or garbage disposal to get rid of unpleasant odors.

3. Deodorizing your kitchen

You can remove any odors in the kitchen (for example, the smell of grilled fish, which was prepared yesterday, or popcorn, which is warmed in the microwave), lifting a single finger. Simply pour into a saucepan 1 cup of water with 3 tablespoons of vinegar and let the water boil for a few minutes. Then, if you like, pour the contents of the pan and fill it with orange peels, cinnamon stick, again fill with water and let boil for ten minutes on low heat. Your house will be filled with pleasant aromas. 9 scents for stress relief and relaxation

4. Clean the stain with vinegar surfaces

To quickly remove from the surfaces of the obvious spots, prepare a solution of vinegar and water and sprinkle them from the spray gun, and then wipe with a cloth. This is particularly effectively acts on windows and mirrors, as well as on the tiles in the bathroom, spattered traces of toothpaste. Do not use this product for cleaning surfaces made of natural stone like granite, it can spoil it.

5. Excuse the mess yourself

There is no shame in that at the time of arrival of the guests gather catalogs, books, letters and other small items in the cart and shove them in the wardrobe. And if you do not want to change anything, but at least add their mountains neat stacks. Accuracy – is the first step towards the organization of your being .

6. Use disposable wipes for cleaning floors in the kitchen

Disposable wipes are very convenient, especially when you need to wash the kitchen floor. No extra effort – clean the floor and throw them in the trash.

7. Gather hair pets in rubber gloves

After washing dishes, do not remove the rubber gloves, and walk through the rooms and collect the arms from scraps of wool pets.

8. Collect dust brush-Velcro

Walk around the house with a roller brush, Velcro clothes cleaning and collect dust from lampshades, furniture and toys. Or wipe the hard corners, putting into the hands of terry sock.

9. Do not forget to clean the toilet

Guests will surely not forget to visit this place, so clean there with great care. Toilet should be sparkling clean and fresh. Do not forget about the quality of toilet paper and air fresheners.

10. Splurge and get out of there, where it is visible

Tip for those who are very busy -. Surface cleaning. Place your order where visitors will see it. On the rest do not waste time. If you do not want to show guests her bedroom, not get out there. How fast do the cleaning after the reception

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