Secrets of winter facial and hair

Save the beauty in the cold to help castor oil and honey scrub. Cold season dictates the rules of beauty, because the means that we use in the summer, can seriously hurt in the late autumn and winter.


LIPS: cocoa butter and honey

Looking nutritious lipstick, which include vegetable waxes, oils and vitamins A, E. If the lips were shelled, take candied honey and rub the lips it. Doing this can be no more than 2 times a week and is contraindicated in any damage on the lips. Soften the delicate skin on their cocoa butter.

HAIR: Mask of sea buckthorn oil and castor oil

Temperature fluctuations negatively affect the condition of hair: they become brittle, lifeless, losing elasticity . To avoid this, in any case, do not neglect the hat, hood or scarf.


Wash your hair with warm, not hot water, let the hair dry naturally, to minimize the use of a hair dryer, as little as possible, use curling irons, irons. All of this – a lot of stress for the hair, and so that has a hard time in the cold.


Because of the central heating indoor air is very dry, so now need a conditioner with a moisturizing effect and masks . Take castor oil (2 tbsp. L.), Vinegar and glycerin (1 ch. L.), Eggs, all stir, rub mixture into the hair roots and spread along the length. Head wrap film, and on top, wrap a warm towel for 40 minutes. Then wash your hair with shampoo. Another recipe: take sea buckthorn oil (9 parts) and mix it with any other vegetable oil (1 part). Rub mixture into the hair roots and scalp, head wrap film, keep an hour , then wash with shampoo. Rate – 10 times, 2 times per week.

HAND: nourishing cream with jojoba oil

A age woman’s big issue is hands. To both wear gloves, use a nourishing cream on a daily basis, for example, based on jojoba oil can longer save their young, in the cold season: it contains vitamin E, which nourishes and rejuvenates the skin. Do not wash your hands with hot water: it can cause redness and dryness.


If you see that the skin on his hands became very dry at night make a mask of castor oil. Linoleic acid, which is included in its composition, has a moisturizing effect, and stearic – prevents dryness and flaking. Before the procedure, perform an allergy test: apply a little oil on your wrist and wait for five minutes. If there is no irritation or itching, you can apply a mask on his hands. After applying the wear cotton gloves at night. The mask can be done 1-2 times a week, with a strong dry – in a day.

FACE: cream, oil-based

The main rule now – any funds we put for 30-40 minutes before going outside.

The cream should be oil-based, with low water content. Owners of oily skin should not be afraid of such creams in the winter they are all appropriate, but the means of water-based can hurt (the skin can be very cool). If, after the street it became irritable, make a mask: in the third cup of hot milk, soak 2 tablespoons oatmeal, insist 20 minutes., apply to the face, 10 minutes rinse with warm water. Milk for dry skin, but to make better use of fatty dairy products


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