Why is Moving to the Country so Good?

Many people are considering a move to the countryside – whether a little village cottage or using someone like this self build home Solihull based company to create their own unique country home, it is certainly becoming more and more popular – here are a few reasons why this is…

Better Air Quality – It is a known fact that living in the more built up areas can cause bigger issues to people who have illnesses like asthma and can lead to long term health problems for many people. Life in the country is much better for you in terms of the air quality.

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Better Scenery – The drab grey of the city can be depressing, and living in the countryside, you will see more wide open spaces, natural beauty and the changes of the seasons unlike what you have in urban areas.

Lower Stress Levels – It is proven that living in the countryside can reduce stress levels. Densely populated areas can make many people feel a little suffocated, and the drab surroundings and more hectic pace of life can have huge detrimental effects on stress and anxiety.

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Exercise – Not only is exercise more enjoyable and free in the countryside (you won’t need that expensive gym membership!) it is also a lot safer – lower crime rates in rural areas, mean that walking around the beautiful woodlands and fields is not as risky as in the city, where you are more likely to run into a mugger for example.

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