World Trigger Season 2 Is Coming Soon, Here Are All The Details About The Release Date And The Plot

World Trigger Season 2

The world shooter gained massive fan attention in less time, known for its thrilling adventures and science fiction. The series earned good fandom for its work, and to continue the legacy here, we have season 2, which will be available to all fans soon.

World Trigger Season 2 is coming soon, here are all the details on the release date and plotWorld Trigger Season 2

Viewers are showing their overwhelming response on social media and are very excited about the upcoming season.

So far, the production has announced that season 2 is in production and will soon be available on television. But an exact date has yet to be announced.

The series director’s team includes Mitsuru Hongo, Kouji Ogawa, and Morio Hatano. Production work for the series is distributed between Daichi Nagatomi, Kei Mizutani, and Hiroshi Yanai.

Hiroyuki Yoshino and Sakimoto Sakai are hired to write under Toei Animation. Keep reading how to tame foxes in minecraft.

The story of the series is based on Mikado City

He is in the fight with his neighbors for years, and the main character of the series is Yuma Kuga, he is transferred from a neighbor to the local school and he is not known for Japanese culture, he is 11 years old. old man and a son of Yugo Kuga. Other main characters in the series are Osamu Mikumo, Yuichi Jin, Chika Amatori, and Replica. The story takes many twists and turns and plunges viewers into the adventurous world, ending with mind-blowing entertainment.

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Here is the list of the main characters of World Trigger and their voice artist:

Yūma Kuga voiced by Tomo Muranaka (Japanese); Cathy Weseluck (English),

Osamu Mikumo voiced by Yūki Kaji (Japanese); Brian Doe (English),

Yūichi Jin Voiced by Yūichi Nakamura (Japanese); Andrew Francis (English),

Chika Amatori voiced by Nao Tamura (Japanese); Caitlyn Bairstow (English),

Reply by Hideyuki Tanaka (Japanese); Marco Soriano (English).