What habits will prolong your life

Eating nuts in food significantly reduces the risk of diabetes

There are some small tricks that can help prolong your life. You want to live longer?


Scientists have devoted much research topic of longevity. Then they brought out a few general rules that with a probability of 99.9% will allow you to preserve the health and joy of life for years to come.

1. Sushi

The life expectancy of Japanese women is greater than that of women of other nationalities. And this is due to their culinary preferences. A high level of omega-3 fish reduces the risk of disease.

2. Dark chocolate

Two servings of dark chocolate a week – and the risk of heart failure is reduced!

3. Nuts

Eating nuts significantly reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. Include in your diet more nuts!

4. Quitting smoking

If you smoke, then you should know that quitting smoking will increase the duration of your life for 10 years.

5. Warm-up

If you sit all day at a computer, you just need a warm-up. To live day to day in the same position can be useful for your wallet, but not for your health.

6. A glass of wine

Low levels of mortality are women who use no more than one glass of wine a day.

7. Sports

Sports not only give you a boost of energy and endorphin, and increase life expectancy. Pay physical exercise at least 5 hours per week consistently, and your body will thank you. In a healthy body is healthy mind.

8. Happiness

Enjoy every day! Happy people not only live longer, but to them more pleasant to communicate, people are drawn to them. Why do not you join the ranks of the lucky ones.

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