5 Tips to Help You Stop Yo Yo Dieting for Good

Yo yo dieting, sometimes referred to as weight cycling, occurs when an individual embarks on an extreme diet plan that yields positive results in the beginning, but becomes too intense over time, making it difficult or impossible to maintain. This results in the dieter falling off the plan entirely, and gaining any lost weight back (and then some). Ending this cycle of yo yo dieting is imperative to create and maintain a healthy life by avoiding fluctuations on the weight loss scale. Getting off a yo yo diet is one of the best choices a person can make for their health.

Use the following five tips to help you stop yo yo dieting for good so you can lead a healthy, happy life:

  1. Make it Easy

Most extreme diet plans require a complete change in eating habits. This can be fine for most people to maintain for a few days or even weeks, but after the initial weight loss push, the rules imposed by these types of diet plans are more rigid than the average person can handle. Try to slowly incorporate better eating habits into your routine, replacing unhealthy food with healthier choices over time.

5 Tips to Help You Stop Yo Yo Dieting for Good

  1. Forget About the Numbers

It’s easy to find yourself obsessing over numbers. In fact, counting calories should be considered a national pastime in this day and age. Don’t worry so much about the exact number of calories you eat in a day and instead focus instead on substituting unhealthy foods with healthier options. After your body has had some time to adjust to your new eating habits, you can then revisit your calorie intake to fine tune your diet to optimum health.

  1. Find Other Means to Cope with Stress Other than Eating

Junk food binging is a standard coping mechanism for a lot of people when it comes to stressful situations. When stress enters your life, consider meditating, taking a walk, talking with a friend or family member, or creating a work of art–anything to keep yourself from eating. If you do find yourself giving in to the urge to stress eat, be sure to eat something healthy and stay away from sugary temptations.

  1. Stay Motivated by Engaging with Others

Join a gym, hire a trainer, or recruit a friend to help you meet your weight loss goals. It’s important to find ways to keep yourself accountable for your own health. Bringing someone else into this process is a great way to stay motivated and focused on your exercise and weight loss routines. It also adds to the fun by allowing you to spend quality time with others.

  1. Create a Long-term Plan

The problem with fad diets is that they usually focus on immediate weight loss instead of long-term health. Instead of concerning yourself with how much weight you can lose in the fewest days possible, give yourself some time. Make diet changes that will last a lifetime rather than temporary, short-term changes that will only last a few weeks. This will ensure that your weight loss continues to a desired level and healthy habits will continue well into the future.

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