How to wake up beautiful in the morning: 5 simple life hacking

Proper diet and regimen will provide you a good mood for a good morning

Waking up in the morning, it does not always have a desire to look at the reflection in the mirror, because it is not like in your imagination.

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Particular puzzling watching a movie when the main character wakes up in the morning with a radiant skin without bruising under the eyes and rosy cheeks. The film on it and the movie is showing a beautiful picture.

At the same time, you can wake up to a beautiful in real life. How exactly knows Fireside, naming a few simple life hacking.

1. Obey mode

Even if you are one hundred percent “Owl”, try to go to bed no later than 11 pm. That night, the skin cells are actively working to compensate for the harmful effects produced during the day. Keeping mode, you will help the regeneration process.

2. Drink less water before going to bed

To wake up without swelling under the eyes, do not drink a lot of fluids and eliminate salty foods at night. Ideally, the last meal should be at least 4 hours before bedtime.

3. Ritual Beauty

It is advisable to apply a nourishing cream night for at least half an hour before bedtime. Then nutrients means certainly will get your skin and not a pillow and blanket.

4. Do not forget about the hair

Avoid tangled hair will help cushion with satin pillowcase. Unlike cotton, silk, touching the hair, does not allow them to be confused and break. In addition, experts recommend combing your hair before going to bed, it will improve the microcirculation.

5. Aromatherapy

Apply a drop of essential oil on your wrist or ignite aromasvechu. It has a calming effect of lavender fragrance.

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