Do not neglect your feet in the spring

What reasons we turn to a consultation podiatry? Especially for corns or calluses on the soles of the feet. With the arrival of spring and the temperatures rise, these two problems are increased and also add others, such as cracks on the heels or fungal nail and skin. Look after your health from the base of your body.

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Biomechanics that deals with the study of the tread, the Chiropody or traditional podiatry, and ingrown toenail surgery: Inside a podiatry see three types of services mainly differ.

Women are still more profile podiatry visit for being the most used shoes punish their feet but increasingly men demanded by traditional podiatry sercicios there.

Podiatry experts explained that with the arrival of spring increased corns, calluses, cracked heels, ingrown toenails and fungal appearance is observed.

Why? The specialist explains the reason: people still continue to use closed shoes, because of the temporary instability, and feet dilate.

Prepare your feet for the arrival of spring

Expert’s stresses the importance of an annual review of the feet, but in the case of the arrival of spring is even more important this visit. We must make a correct cut nails, remove calluses and corns, and achieve good hydration.

In addition, the podiatrist can recommend the most suitable shoes for your feet.

Are you one of those who love to wear sandals as temperatures rise? Make sure your feet are secured properly to avoid problems of instability and the height of heel sandal is at least 2 cm high.

The doctor warns that if you meet these two requirements can prevent ankle sprains and overloading of twins and plantar fascia.

In addition, the expert clarifies that, “generally, people who have calluses on the sole, can enhance their appearance with the use of sandals.”

To avoid this situation we should moisturize your feet with cream urea concentration may range between 10 and 30% depending on the degree of dryness.

What if you are someone who is not your sock off? Then “you can avoid the appearance of scratches and blisters.”

Fights bad smell

Sometimes, though we wash feet, no odor is gone. It is mainly due to Bromhidrosis that is usually linked to hyperhidrosis.
To combat this problem so embarrassing, the expert recommends:

  • Baths with baking soda that act directly on the bacteria that generate odor.
  • Commercial products in the form of powders or spray.

In the event that excessive foot sweating is advisable to use custom master formulas.

We must be very cautious with the use of antiperspirants because sweating is a thermoregulator.

Luce some pretty feet

So that our feet are clean and always radiant. we must make good hygiene and drying, rehydrate properly and know how to choose the best shoes.

Also if you are someone who has joined fashion paint her toenails better not become a routine. Excessive use of nail polish can weaken and pigmented nail plate.

You have to know how to moisturize nails and how to use these glazes because depending on their color, sometimes not allow us to see the nail plate and do not know if there may be fungi or a subungual hematoma.

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