How to clean jacuzzi tub jets?

How to clean jacuzzi tub jets

The Jacuzzi brand produces a wide variety of whirlpool bathtubs that can be used as both stand-alone units or as part of a larger installation. While the jacuzzi tub jets are designed to be self-cleaning, it’s possible for mineral deposits to clog the jets and divert the flow of water. Some jacuzzi owners try to clean their own jets with bleach or vinegar, but that can result in damage to both the jets and your skin.

Steps to clean jacuzzi tub jets

How to clean jacuzzi tub jets

1. Shut off the drain using the drain plug on the bottom of your jacuzzi tub.

2. Turn on the hot water and fill up to approximately one-half full before starting any jet cleaning. This will help remove some of the mineral deposits that may be built up in your jets, but make sure you don’t fill the jacuzzi tub to overflow.

3. Turn on the jets and let them run for a few minutes at full power, then turn them off again. This will help remove most of the mineral deposits that may have built up inside your jets, but it is usually necessary to do this several times over in order to get everything out.

4. Mix a gallon of hot water with one cup of vinegar. Turn the jets back on, then pour in the mixture and let it run for about five minutes to help dissolve any mineral deposits that are still stuck inside the jets. If you don’t have vinegar or want to use a stronger cleaning solution, mix a half-gallon of hot water with a half-cup of bleach.

5. Turn the jets back on and let them run for a few minutes at full power, then turn them off again. This will flush out any remaining cleaning solution or mineral deposits that might be stuck inside the jets.

6. Run a final gallon of hot water through the jets to clear out any remnants of the cleaning process that may still be inside.

7. Turn on the cold water to minimize potential damage from hot water, then clean and dry the outside of the jacuzzi tub thoroughly.

8. Turn the drain plug back inside your jacuzzi tub and wait for it to finish draining before carefully using it again.

Things to consider before cleaning jacuzzi tub jets

* Be careful when using vinegar or bleach to clean your jets. Both of these chemicals are harmful when ingested, so avoid spilling them in the tub by any means necessary.

* Turn off the jets and drain the water out of your jacuzzi before cleaning if possible to help prevent accidental injuries from either hot water or chemical burns.

Cleaning jacuzzi tub jets yourself versus hiring a professional

If you are confident with your ability to clean jets without making any mistakes, then cleaning them yourself can be cheaper than hiring a professional. However, if you have no experience with this kind of work or are not interested in doing it yourself for whatever reason, then you should probably just hire a professional who will be able to do the job for you.

Jacuzzi tub jets tips and tricks

* Plumbing supply stores sell jet-cleaning attachments that work with garden hoses. These can usually be fitted over the outside of your jacuzzi jets and used to spray out any mineral deposits, but you might need to do it several times in different spots to make sure everything comes out.

* For difficult areas, you can use either an old toothbrush or a pipe cleaner to get inside the jets and remove any mineral deposits that are stuck inside.