How To Choose an Antique Moving Service

Whether you are a museum curator or private collector, moving delicate antiques over any distance can be stressful. Consider the following to ensure that the moving service you select can handle the job and protect your valuables.


When you need logistics solutions Phoenix AZ, it is vital to find a company with experience handling and moving antiques. They know how to wrap, maneuver, and support delicate objects to prevent damage while executing their move quickly and efficiently.

Specialty Services

Moving antiques internationally or over great distances can take many days, and you want to know that they are safe along the way. Therefore, a transport company should provide specialty services, including warehousing, container unloading, assembly and appropriate customs paperwork as needed.

Packing Services

Protecting your antiques during a move means using the appropriate packing or wrapping materials to avoid damage. The antique transportations service you select must supply the proper packing supplies for the type of object you need to move, such as blankets, shrink wrap, and other materials to help seal and cushion your antiques. The service should also undertake the packaging to ensure it is sufficient.


Although your main concern will be to get your antiques to their destination unscathed, it is necessary to understand what a transportation service includes in its pricing. The best way to do this is to request an itemized quote.


Many transportation issues are avoidable when you use a transportation service with experience moving antiques. For example, most reputable companies use climate-controlled trucks and warehouses to prevent temperature and humidity-related damage to which antiques may be susceptible.

Many also have systems in place to predict delivery times and avoid unnecessary delays. Be sure to ask about accountability and make sure that the company’s contract has provisions in place to protect you if something goes wrong during a move.

Taking the time to research the best moving company for your antiques will ensure their on-time and safe arrival at their destination.

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