Discomfort During Sex – 4 Possible Causes

Discomfort During Sex - 4 Possible Causes

Pain and discomfort during sex (sexual intercourse) is a fairly common phenomenon. Perhaps you have already encountered such a problem and have not yet found an explanation for it, which made your contacts with a loved one much more difficult. In such a situation, it becomes quite difficult to shy away from sexual intimacy without the inevitable serious discussion on this topic. How to proceed?

First of all, sexology is recommended in such a situation not to be afraid of a serious conversation with a partner and to explain to him that sex has recently become less comfortable and even painful for you. An attentive and caring person will certainly meet you and demonstrate a sufficient level of understanding. In any case, you can win some time, during which you can contact a specialist. But before a visit to the doctor it makes sense to pay attention to the following common factors that can cause discomfort during intercourse:

1. Discomfort during sex due to stress and stress


Discomfort During Sex - 4 Possible Causes

Many people perceive sex not only as a way of expressing their feelings and the possibility of psychological and physical union with their loved one. Often it becomes a kind of therapeutic tool that allows you to remove excess psychological stress. But, unfortunately, in life, it happens in a different way when excessive exertion and frequent stressful situations become a serious obstacle to having sex. It may be muscle pain, constant fatigue and a feeling of apathy, which adversely affect the level of libido. In this state, the counter-initiative of a partner who wants to have sex with you can even cause irritation or aggression. Experts recommend paying attention to the quality of food and a sufficient amount of rest.

2. Discomfort during sex due to inflammatory processes in the body and endometriosis

Discomfort During Sex - 4 Possible Causes

Unfortunately, most men do not understand anything about the problems associated with the peculiarities of female physiology. Yes, and does not intend to delve into this area of knowledge. They believe that there are specialized specialists for this to whom the partner should apply in such cases. At the same time, it is the cleanliness of your partner and his attention to personal hygiene – this is one of the factors that can cause inflammatory processes in you that can cause severe pain not only during sex but also during menstruation. In some cases, the only solution will be a collective consultation with a gynecologist; able to explain to your partner some features of the transmission of certain infections that are not even considered sexually transmitted but can seriously complicate your love life.

3. Discomfort during sex due to allergies

Discomfort During Sex - 4 Possible CausesAllergic reactions can manifest symptoms of burning or pain in intimate areas. In some cases, this is due to the individual intolerance of any detergent or laundry detergent. In others, it is the result of an allergic reaction to latex, from which most modern condoms are made. In addition, it is not necessary to discount other reasons, which can be easily understood by a visit to the doctor.

4. Discomfort during sex due to Chlamydia

Discomfort During Sex - 4 Possible Causes

Chlamydia is a bacteria transmitted by contact. For long months, their reproduction and livelihoods in the genitals may not cause any obvious symptoms. And only with time will discharge from the vagina, itching, and hyperemia of intimate areas. It is possible that you have already faced with similar symptoms and seek help from specialists. In this case, it will have to be done again.

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