Common Chiropractic Procedures

When your back and neck don’t feel good, life can be miserable. Fortunately, relief can be had with chiropractic therapy. If you need relief, a consultation with a chiropractic doctor Natick MA can work wonders. Don’t put it off, you can feel better soon.

In case you didn’t know, chiropractic is a licensed healthcare profession. Chiropractors perform a variety of proven adjustments to the spine or other parts of the body. The purpose of these adjustments is to correct alignment problems, ease pain, and support the body’s amazing natural ability to heal itself. As part of the treatment, they develop an ongoing management plan for each patient. Each year, over 22 million Americans visit a chiropractor.

Commonly Used Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic care involves treatments and adjustments that are non-invasive, non-surgical, and performed without drugs. Here are several common techniques that many find helpful:

  • Spinal Decompression. This is an FDA-approved, non-surgical technique that lengthens the spine to relieve pressure in the spinal cord. As a result, pain is minimized as and disc space is increased.
  • Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy encompasses a spectrum of treatments designed to improve or restore mobility, body function, and well-being.
  • Cold Laser Therapy. This is an FDA-approved treatment that uses painless, low-intensity laser beams to stimulate healing.  It’s called “cold laser” because the low-levels of light aren’t sufficient to raise cellular temperatures.
  • HIVEMAT. HIVAMAT is a machine used in deep oscillation therapy. It uses an electrical current to speed up the healing of injuries.

Holistic Care: The Added Benefit Of Chiropractic Care

Another benefit of chiropractic care is the holistic approach that most chiropractors use. In addition to treating the specific areas of pain or injury, they also foster a whole-body-and-mind approach to healing. Suggestions for improvement in diet, physical activities, and mental exercises are commonly indicated as part of your treatment.

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