The best jumpers to wear in winter

Are you looking for inspiration for what to wear now the weather is turning bleak? Finding the right winter wear can be tough as we try to find a compromise between feeling too hot in the central heating but freezing when we go out. Here are some suggestions:


A firm favourite with women and increasingly with men, the cardigan is the ideal versatile garment to deal with extremes of heat and cold. It is easy to slip on when things get a little chilly but also easy to slip off when back inside in the warm.

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These have always been popular, increasingly so since the 90s with athleisure and brand logos making their mark in a big way. These are great for lazy days and informal social occasions but might feel a little sloppy for a more formal affair.


There is a reason why Aran Sweaters were so popular with fishermen. They offer great warmth and durability. For long periods spent outdoors, this type of jumper is the perfect solution and incredibly stylish to boot. Find out more about Aran Sweaters at a site like Shamrock Gifts.

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These jumpers have sometimes got a bad press but are back with a trendy vengeance. They look great when worn with many styles of coat and have the added benefit of replacing a scarf and keeping your neck warm. Mix it up with roll necks or cowl necks for a bit of variety this winter.


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