What Foods can save your life

High tempo of modern life dictates its own terms. We often do not have the time to cook healthy meals – it is much easier, for example, do the same junk food. Is this useful? It is unlikely.


Meanwhile, in the world there are so many delicious, useful and very affordable foods, which can not only satisfy, but also protect the body from many dangerous diseases. Here are some examples of the simplest types of food that can save a person, not only time, but also life.


Studies have shown that common beans (with regular use) may very well extend human life. In addition, the American Institute for the Study of cancer even issued a leaflet calling added a small portion of beans each food intake: it turned out that this contributes to delay the development of cancer cells.


Blackberries protect the liver and brain, but also helps strengthen the immune system. These berries are rich in antioxidants – that is, delay the aging of skin and whole body.

Red cabbage

Generally speaking, cruciferous is useful for any person .However, it is red cabbage contains a unique mix – sulfofaran. Oncologists several countries argue that this compound can completely prevent the emergence of cancer cells.


The mushrooms contain unique nutrients, including amino acid called Ergothioneine, increasing the lifespan of cells. Mushrooms – the world’s only natural source of Ergothioneine.


Another product recommended by the American Public Health Association as an anti-cancer. The flaxseed contains lignans, natural antioxidants.


Doctors from China claim that everyone should include in your diet ordinary walnuts. They contain antioxidants; omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of stroke risk, and inhibit the development of cancer cells.


This spice contains a pigment called curcumin. It plays an important role in preventing the occurrence of cancer cells, lung disease, and even brain disease. Some doctors recommend patients to use turmeric after complex operations – in addition, it has also reducing properties.


Green and white teas – potentially protect the human body from certain serious diseases. Furthermore, green tea can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and fat in the body. However, doctors recommend not brewing tea and chewing the fresh leaves, or add them to your smoothies. For more tips visit http://tnceb.ie/.

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