Five useful summer drinks recipes

Every day, under normal conditions, we lose about 2-3 liters of fluid breathing, then, naturally, and so on. D. But in hot weather, these losses increase by 2 times. Therefore, in the summer it is very important to fill your “liquid stocks of the organism.” In the heat of good thirst quencher black or green tea without sugar, plain drinking water or sparkling mineral water.


You can drink natural drink, dairy drinks and unsweetened fresh juices, fruit drinks and fruit drinks. Nutritionists advise to pay attention to a variety of home-made cocktails. “Drink based on berries, fruits and vegetables not only restore the water balance of the body, but also will have a cooling, alkalizing effect – says nutrition expert. In addition, they saturate the body with vitamins In fact eat, for example, a lot of greenery, we cannot but if parsley beam milled in a blender with the other ingredients, it will not be felt “.

Our experts have suggested five options of useful summer drinks.

Smoothies Strawberry

WHAT TO: 200 ml stewed fruit, mineral water or bioyoghurt, 5 large strawberries.

How to prepare: Select one of the foundations (juice, water or bioyoghurt), add the strawberries in a blender and whip until smooth. You can add chia seeds or flax.

What is the benefit:  “Strawberry smoothies will saturate the body with fruit acids, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. And if you add chia seeds or flax, the further get essential omega-3 fats of vegetable origin, as well as fiber. Bioyoghurt also provides beneficial bacteria that contribute normalization of bowel function, – says nutritionist. This drink will be balanced in protein, fats and carbohydrates, and therefore it can be like to completely replace breakfast and use as a supplement to the main food intake, but every day you can drink no more than 200 ml, because the strawberries – sweet fruit, and extra fast carbohydrates (and therefore calories) you do not need. “

Hemp, banana cocktail

WHAT TO:  Hemp milk  200 ml, 1 banana, 100 grams of any seasonal berries.

How to cook:  Hemp milk you can buy in the store ready-made, but you can prepare it and yourself. To do this, take 3 cups of water and a cup of hemp seeds, whisk blender until smooth state – the milk is ready! Now add the remaining ingredients and whisk again.

What are the benefits: “Drink based on any vegetable milk, whether hemp, almond, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, is very rich in beneficial fats and calcium, which is well absorbed, Says the therapist, nutritionist. However, this milk alone currently it has a slightly bitter taste, so for amenities added thereto berries and a banana. This becomes quite nutritious cocktail, because in it and carbohydrates, and proteins, and fats, so they can fully replace a meal or drink as a snack. “

Mint-Honey Lemonade

WHAT TO: 1 orange, 1 tbsp spoon of honey, 5 mint leaves, ice cubes.

How to cook :  orange First base: it can be either fresh citrus drink (in the evening cut orange slices, pour 1 cup of ordinary drinking water and leave until the morning). Adding the basis of honey, mint and ice mix thoroughly all in a blender.

What is the benefit: “Homemade lemonade, in contrast to the shops, to be natural and do not contain sugar, but not less tasty. It will saturate the body with vitamin C, beautifully cool and quench your thirst in the heat, – says expert. – But water infused with vegetables, fruit or berries for the whole night, you get a very mild alkaline. This light drink will be absorbed much well than ordinary water, without causing swelling in the body. “

Dill-Linen Fresh Fruit

WHAT TO: 200 ml of water, 1 green beam (dill, parsley or spinach), 1 banana or any other fruit (berries can be taken), 2-3 tbsp. l. flax seeds.

How to cook: All the ingredients are carefully whisk in a blender until smooth.

What are the benefits “With fruit this drink will contain a lot of fiber, and thus cleanse the body In addition, a good cleaning effect will have flax seeds, and herbs will enrich the necessary vitamins and trace elements -. Says nutritionist. This smoothie is perfect for breakfast or as a snack, but its use is not recommended for dinner. It contains a sufficiently large amount of fructose, which may not be the best way impact on your figure can also arrange on this drink fasting days. “.

Cucumber Slimming Mineral

WHAT TO:  1 cucumber, 200 ml of mineral water, a few slices of lemon.

How to prepare:  Prepare cucumber juice mixed with mineral water. If desired, add a few slices of lemon and a few ice cubes.

“Cucumber – a unique vegetable: it cleanses the liver and stimulates kidney function, has a choleric effect, removes excess fluid from the body, reduces body temperature, it is very refreshing in the heat – This cucumber calorie:. 100 grams contains only 20 kl.  So if you want to lose weight more than 1.5 kg per day, easily arrange cucumber fasting day only. Do not forget that this vegetable is contraindicated in the presence of edema, high blood pressure and allergies to it. ” Visit for businss tips.

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