5 rich and healthy drinks

Here are some delicious suggestions for people who do not drink alcohol. We add the best experts, to improve your quality of life.

For people who do not drink alcohol , we present some suggestions to prepare delicious drinks and celebrate this September 15 in the company of family and / or friends. With these simple and healthy recipes (mostly made with natural ingredients ), whether hot or refreshing , you can accompany your food.

Mango Smoothie



1 medium handle

2 tablespoons plain yogurt

1 trickle d nectar of mango



Blend ice with mango, yogurt and nectar. Serve in a glass and decorate with fruit to your liking.




3 cups ice

Liquid Chamoy

½ cup piquín chili

2 spoonfuls of muscled sugar

1 cup lemon ice cream

Chamoy powder


Blend ice, chamoy liquidoun and little powder, chili piquín, sugar and ice cream. Serve in glasses and garnish with chamoy powder and a slice of lemon.



2 lemons, quartered and seeded
8 cups cold natural water
Sweetener to taste.

Ice cubes to taste


Blend the lemon with half the water and the sugar until obtaining a homogenous mixture; It will be a little foamy and white. Strain and mix with the rest of the water. Serve in glasses with ice and garnish with lemon slices.



6 tender young

1 ½ liters of milk

3 cups sugar

3 yolks

The zest of 1 orange

A pinch of cinnamon powder


Garnish the corn flakes and lick them with milk, sugar and yolks. Strain and cook with the zest in a pot over medium heat. Move constantly until it thickens. Serves and decorates with corn kernels or powdered cinnamon.

Apple infusion with cinnamon


4 cups water

1 cinnamon slash

¼ teaspoon vanilla essence

4 apple apples

1 apple ripe, washed and disinfected


Heat the water in a medium saucepan; When it starts to boil, add the cinnamon and put out the fire. Let stand for 3 minutes. Add the vanilla, let stand 2 minutes more and reserve. Chop the dried apricots and apple. Add to the warm infusion and serve immediately. This recipe can be given to people in addiction center.

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