What wines are a good choice for spring?

With spring now officially here, which wines should you be looking for to complement the warmer weather?

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Refresh your tastebuds

Just as our thoughts turn to eating fresh spring greens and salads at this time of year, so should our drinking habits change with the seasons. According to the French, we should be turning to ‘vins de soif’ or thirst-quenching wine, which offers a more refreshing and lighter experience. These wines are lighter in alcohol and body and have crisp acidity, meaning they are best drunk slightly cool.

The Independent says that the change in weather and spring sunshine brings a change to our palates, so wines should keep the taste buds energised.

Don’t just stick to rosé

While we might instantly think of rosé wines for warmer weather, and they are very suitable, lighter spring wines come in all colours. Check tasting notes online or seek advice from an expert on which reds and whites are good for this time of year. You might be looking to buy from online wine merchants in Northern Ireland, in which case you could consider http://thewinecompanyni.com/.

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White wines such as Roussette, from the Savoie region, are a good option, as they are high in acidity and have bright floral notes, although they may be tricky to find. Chablis and Pinot Grigio are also good choices, as they are crisp and fruity. And although red is more often associated with warming notes, there are plenty of lighter, fresher and fruitier red wines available which suit the season as they offer a change from the more robust reds of winter. Look for reds which are packed with flavours of red berries and have less spice and tannin, such as an Italian Bardolino or Valpolicella. Young red burgundy wine is also suitable, as are any decent Beaujolais.

If the weather is particularly warm, you could chill your red wine. Go for bottles which have lower alcohol levels. Ideally, a more refreshing red will have a percentage of 12 or 13 in order not to be too heavy and remain easy-drinking and juicy.

Time to sparkle

Ever-popular Prosecco is a great choice for serving with fresh spring fruit and veg. Go for a dry style with fresh, lively notes which leave the palate feeling refreshed.

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