Technology Trends for 2018

In a technology driven world it is often difficult to keep up with all of the new trends.  Many of these technological advancements however are making lives easier, safer and allow people to save and conserve resources.

Pollution Indicator

Wearable technology is a relatively new development and is used mainly for health reasons.  New to the wearables scene is Plume, a device that monitors pollution.  Similar to a Fitbit this device will monitor particulate matter such as nitrogen dioxide, the ozone as well as volatile organic compounds.  Plume will also keep track of the temperature and humidity.  Plume can be clipped onto a person and has been especially created for people who live in heavily polluted areas of the world such as China.  Plume comes with a button and 12 colour levels which monitors the levels of pollution over 12 hours.  It uses Bluetooth Low Energy.

Perfect Toast

The Griffin Connected Toaster can be a new addition to a smart home.  This toaster lets consumers manage how they want their toast done.  It makes use of a slider app.  Consumers can move the slider to select their perfect slice of toast.  Consumers can also choose from different types of bread.  Soon to be released are a smart coffee maker and a smart mirror.  The same app can be used for all three smart appliances. Keep reading sites like omegle.

Responsible Drinking

Milo Sensors is a company that is looking at creating wearable sensors that can detect chemicals in the body.  Proof is the first release and will monitor blood alcohol content and then relay the information to an app which lets people know how much alcohol they have had.  The objective of Proof is that it will continuously monitor the alcohol levels, and it will not just be an alarm going off when a certain limit is reached.  Proof is discreet and no one will even know that blood alcohol level is being monitored.  This is especially helpful for people who are driving and do not want to go over the legal limit.

New Addition to the Family

Kuri is a home robot and is an asset to any family home.  Kuri is an adorable looking robot and even has the ability to dance.  It has been evolving over the last few months with software and hardware updates which have given it new capabilities.  Kuri is a virtual assistant; providing entertainment by playing music and other audio content, although as yet, the robot can’t play at casinos, the future possibilities and applications are endless. Kuri has Bluetooth speakers and will dance along to the beat.  It is able to capture family moments using a recording feature, controlled by the owner of course. Kuri will also respond to voice commands with noises, lights and blinking motions.

Robird Drone

Birds and aeroplanes do not go together; in fact they can be a deadly combination.  The Robird from Clear Flight Solutions mimics a Raptor which flies around and scares other birds.  Robird also has the ability to glide for periods of time, flap its wings just as a bird of prey would do.  Robird is offered as a service and cannot be purchased.

2018 Seems to be a year set for innovative new technologies which will enhance lifestyles and will continue to evolve as new technologies are discovered.

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