Protect Your Eyes In Fashion When Gaming

Technology is not only limited to computer components or smart gadgets that make life easier through computer controlled systems. As the human race develops, learns and grows we constantly find new and improved ways to keep our bodies protected from the elements.

Gaming can last for hours on end; it’s always good to give your eyes the protection they deserve. Staring into any screen for extended periods of time can harm your eyes. The flickering blue light emits rays into your pupils that can cause dryness, eye fatigue and in some cases, insomnia.

There is some scepticism about gaming glasses and their role in the gamer’s life. Whilst glasses are traditionally viewed as an accessory for people with poor sight, gaming glasses take a different angle and instead of enhancing your vision, gaming glasses keep your eyes performing at optimum levels for the ultimate gaming experience. This means you’ll protect your eyes when playing everything from pokies New Zealand to MMO’s, and you can play for longer too.

The following gaming glasses have been hand picked as the best gaming glasses 2017 has to offer. They allow for considerably less stress on your eyes, resulting in superior game play and enhanced protection for your pupils.

Protection From Cyxus

With blue light filter technology, Cyxus gaming glasses protect your eyes from UV light and electromagnetic radiation that is constantly emitted from devices like tablets, mobile phones and computer screens.

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Eyewear use advanced coating technology that allows for clear lenses. This means that the lenses in Cyxus gaming glasses do not make use of amber tinted lenses, so you can wear them comfortably without drawing attention to yourself.

Intercept Any Play

The Gunnar Optiks INT-00101 Intercept break gaming ground in new found ways. Blocking out 65 percent of blue light and all UV radiation the Intercept from Gunnar really do keep your eyes focused on the game at hand.

Featuring multi-barrel hinges and a lightweight frame weighing in at just 35 grams, the Gunnar Intercept are perfectly optimized to sit comfortably around your ears without you even noticing them.

Glare Free Quality

One of the biggest drawbacks for PS4 players making use of gaming glasses is the potential glare that could result from processing the screen through newfound lenses that ultimately add glare to any gaming situation.

Trust Optics FeatherView UV400 gaming glasses double up and function dually as glare reduction glasses as well as blue light blockers. With tr90 frame material the FeatherView is comfortable, lightweight and non-straining on the bridge of your nose, allowing for more aggressive gaming sessions.

Gaming Glasses For The Fashion Conscious

The GameKing S22134 Retro Vintage pair of gaming glasses really does walk the walk. If you’re used to more minimalist lens coverage then these gaming glasses have been designed just for you.

Not only do they boast oil and fog resistance, they are also superiorly stylish with hipster like square-rounded lenses that can be strutted anywhere, at any gaming destination.

Gaming glasses can be flash and trendy, but most of all glasses protect your eyes from harmful light like UV light and blue light. Use gaming glasses if you’re serious about staring into the screen, but always remember these glasses are just precautionary and it’s always good to give your eyes a rest. Focus on something different or get up and go for a walk every so often.

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