Signs of Addiction

Addiction can be one of the most terrifying diseases, both for the individual struggling with addiction and their loved ones who are watching them struggle. Addiction is never easy, but it can be treated much easily when caught in the early stages. If you are worried that a loved one might be dealing with addiction, read on to learn some of the signs to look out for.

Physical Deterioration

An addict’s appearance may change in several ways as their disease progresses. Their physical features may change depending on how the drug(s) they are using impacts them (bloodshot eyes, bags under eyes, skin changes). They may also begin to neglect personal hygiene by not brushing their teeth or hair, re-wearing old clothes, or not bathing.

Sudden Personality Changes

Being in a constant cycle of highs and lows can negatively hugely impact a person’s mood. An addict may become irritable, depressed, erratic, impulsive, or reclusive. These symptoms can be managed with addiction treatment Westchester County NY.

Trouble With Money

Drugs and alcohol do not come cheap. Addicts may engage in behavior such as borrowing large sums of money, gambling, selling valuable items, or stealing to attempt to make up for the cost of their vice(s). Disappearing money or valuables can be a sign that your loved one may be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Mental Delays

A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol may begin showing signs of mental delay. They may begin to speak slower, their grades may decline, their performance at work may slip, and they may begin to present frequent memory issues.

Addiction can destroy a person’s life. With the right treatment, though, an addict can lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Get help as soon as possible if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction. Also, for people struggling with opioid addiction, experts recommend you to take suboxone. But in order to give you an idea, it is suggested to look up suboxone ingredients online and learn what it does to your body.

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