Selective and preventive measure of memory card

Storage devices have been the prominent feature since the invention of the first computer and till now kept its importance in almost every computing device and the digital machine. Earlier, storage devices were available in the huge size and in lesser data holding capacity. But with the passage of time size of storage devices even the shape has the inversely proportional trend with capacity means that size reduces with increasing data storage area.

The first storage device was punched card have large size and smaller capacity then its size, function, and shape modify, and invention of magnetic tapes happens and since than the modification has changed the science of storage device from magnetic tape to mechanical iron-based hard drive to CD to USB and memory cards of different shapes and sizes and now you can have a storage device like Micro SD Memory card of 1 TB on the tips of your finger.

There are the variety of uses of memory cards like in computer systems, in Mobile phones, in photography etc. The memory card is the paramount hardware in the camera used for photography. Digital cameras are usually available without built-in storage and its compulsory to have an external storage device to record the multimedia.


Memory cards are available in market having the variety of characteristics that should keep in mind according to your need before purchasing:

The first and most important feature of a memory card is its format that is worth noting if you are using it for photography purpose. Generally, SD cards are used but CF Compact Flash cards are used in modern DSLR cameras. The reason behind this, it offers higher storage capacity having least adjustable size.

Flash cards are relatively fast and provide better data security as compare to SD Cards. Speed is another important aspect that must consider buying a memory card. There are different classes on which speed of memory card data writing is distinguishable. In order to shoot high definition videos and pictures continuously, a faster card should be used.

There are many of brand memory cards available but there is a huge risk of getting them as being cheaply manufactured and not having the warranty, they may cause your precious data lost from it. It often happens in storage space of more than 32 GB memory card that bad sectors form in the card and wipe your picture, videos etc. that costs you more than its cost.


When your worthiest data has lost from your memory card, the situation removes the floor from underneath. There are many reasons behind that like virus attack, speedy data transfer above its holding speed that may not able save the pictures and videos, physical damage or logical corruption etc.

If you get stuck in such situation you will have to perform memory card recovery. Memory card recovery is easy by means of free recovery software, but they can recover a limited amount of data e.g. up to 4 GB. If your data is above the limit, then you will have to invest extra money in paid recovery software or to concern with data recovery specialists.

Good Bye Advice:

Always prefer branded memory cards having a long-term warranty this may found little expensive but will give you lasting security and prevention of data corruption.

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