Choosing the right boiler for your home

If you get the choice of boiler right, you can enjoy a warmer house and lower energy bills, so it’s one form of house maintenance spending that can actually pay for itself.

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You know it’s time for a new boiler if the current one isn’t capable of heating the whole house, is breaking down frequently, or is inefficient and causing high bills. The difference in running costs between a very inefficient boiler and one of the new ones can run to hundreds of pounds. The main thing is to choose a boiler that is suitable for the size of your house.

For some people, the cost of a boiler is a major worry, and if this is the case, you may be eligible for help. Money Saving Expert has a great round-up of what help is available and where to go to see if you are eligible for a grant towards a new boiler. Some energy suppliers also have special deals, so these are worth looking at too.

What are the options?

Nearly all boilers these days are “condensing” and within these there are two options: combi and heat-only. Gloucester boiler installers HPR can advise on boiler installation in Gloucester and surrounding areas.

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Combi boilers

These run the hot water and central heating from one source. You no longer need a cold water tank or a cylinder to store hot water, so this type of boiler can free up quite a lot of space. They heat up the water as it flows through the boiler, so they only heat water when it’s needed. In this respect, they are more efficient.

However, depending on the distance between your tap and the boiler, you may have to run a lot of cold water out of the pipes before the hot starts coming through. So they may not be the best choice if you have a large house.

Heat-only boilers

If you already have some method of heating hot water, you may be able to have a boiler that only heats radiators. However, you will need a cistern and a hot water cylinder for the hot water system, so this option is probably less suitable for smaller homes.

Talk to an expert installer, to discuss the type of boiler that is best for you and your home.

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