New book aims to become the gold standard for Italian wine

If you’re a big fan of wine you’ll probably already know that there are wine classifications, but a new book has set out to become the official gold standard for Italian wine.

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A new standard

The book, which is called Italian Wine Unplugged, was recently revealed at Bologna’s Eataly World. The author, Stevie Kim, hopes that the book will become the gold standard for Italian wine as it is the first book of its kind.

The book is nearly 600 pages long, and it covers the complex world of Italian wines, which are divided by the type of grape they were made with. The book also contains over 400 different types of grapes, including over 100 ‘must know’ types of grapes.

This may seem like an unnecessary amount of detail, but Italy has a long and diverse history of wine making. In fact, Italy was one of the first ever countries to start making wine, with the first records of Italian wine dating back to before 700 BC. This means that there are thousands of years of history and this book promises to teach you a great deal about that history.

The book was initially funded by crowdsourcing from online sponsors, and in total it took two years to create. Once written, the book was first released as an online e-book, and after the e-book was met with success a print version was also made available.

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The book was inspired by Ian D’Agata’s famous and knowledgeable Native Wine Grapes of Italy, although this book uses a different way to categorise the wine.

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An interest in Italian wine

While this book definitely won’t interest everyone, it will definitely appeal to wine lovers and wine tasters across the world. It will also be a useful resource that can be used to categorise new Italian wines in the future. There is even a specific market in China and Hong Kong for the book, as at least 26 Italian wine ambassadors in China are interested in using the book.

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